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How To Make Your First Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

So you’ve downloaded the app and now you’re ready to create your first Jumprope. In a few easy steps we’ll show you how to get started creating on Jumprope. Jumprope is an app that you can you to create video content that you can share to your Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, blog, and more. Scroll down to get started.

Create cards that have a photo or video and a short description
Shoot content right in the app or upload from your camera roll
Preview your Jumprope as you create
Tap the circle to add or remove numbers from cards
Use editing tools like speed, filters, and voiceover to make your content feel really engaging
Make your content match your personal brand by choosing colors, fonts and animations
Choose from over 100 songs created just for Jumprope to accompany your video or add your own
List products you used and where to buy them
Publish your Jumprope to get vertical, horizontal, and square and more exports
Share your content anywhere you want
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Step 1: Jumprope helps you break your video down so it is engaging and easy to follow.  Each card of your Jumprope has a photo or video and a short description. 

Step 2: Shoot your tutorial right in the app or upload photos or videos from your camera roll or iCloud/Google Drive. If you upload one long video, you can import it and use our simple tool to clip it into steps.  

Step 3: Preview your Jumprope in any format as you create. You just have to create once and you can share your content to any social media platform in vertical, horizontal, 4:5, images, HTML for your blog and other formats.

Step 4: Just tap the center of the card to add or remove numbers. You can have as many numbered or blank cards as you want.

Step 5: We’ve put simple but powerful editing tools at your fingertips. Tap the media to access the editing tools. Whether you want to speed up your content, add a filter to brighten up your photo or video or add a voice over, it’s all here.

Step 6: Make your content match your personal brand and style by picking colors, fonts and animations by tapping the style button at the bottom. Pick from some pre-sets we’ve designed or customize as much as you want. You can even enter your own branded hex colors.

Step 7: Choose from over 100 songs created just for Jumprope to give your content background music or upload your own by tapping the music button at the bottom of the app.

Step 8: If you want to, list the products you use and where to buy them by adding a product page. We have photos for many common products to make it easier for you. If you have affiliate links feel free to use them.

Step 9: Publish your Jumprope to get your vertical, and horizontal videos, images and HTML. You can edit a published Jumprope at any time and we never share anything to social platforms until you’re ready.

Step 10: Only when you’re ready, share your content from Jumprope to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook and more. Get ready to get amazing feedback from your community.

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