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How To Get Featured on Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

We often have creators ask us what they can do to get their content featured in the app. In this post we’ll share five key tips that will help you get featured on Jumprope.

These tips will help you not only get featured on Jumprope but level up your content creation across all of your platforms. From mastering lighting to determining how long you want a video to be, we’re here to help and walk you through the process of creating great content.

Step 1: Break your tutorial into easy to follow steps. Make sure someone understands exactly what they need to do to get to the finished product.

Step 2: Use good lighting and keep your camera steady. We recommend a mix of natural lighting from a window and an artificial light source like a ring light, but feel free to use whatever is available to you. Use a tripod or lean your phone up somewhere steady to capture your video.

Step 3: We usually find that Jumpropes between 5-15 steps perform the best.

Step 4: A great cover image is extremely important. This shows viewers the finished product of what they can expect to learn when tapping through the tutorial. Avoid using a generic stock photo or a photo of just you or just your logo graphic.

Step 5: Now that you’re making great Jumpropes, try making a whole series. We love featuring content that explores one theme in depth.

If you haven’t made your first Jumprope yet, don’t forget to check out this post to learn how!

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