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Your Ultimate Guide To Repurposing Content Using Jumprope

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It’s hard coming up with fresh content ideas all the time, and chances are your audience hasn’t seen all of the content that you’ve ever created. Repurposing content using Jumprope is smart because:

  • you can maximize your reach with one piece of content since Jumprope automatically generates exports for all of your social media platforms
  • it allows you to present content you’ve already created in a new and fresh way
  • you can also link back to your content on Jumprope and create an additional source of traffic to your blog or website

Now that you’re excited to repurpose some of your best content, we’re sharing three different ways you can repurpose photos and videos using Jumprope.

How To Repurpose YouTube Videos for Jumprope

Step 1: Take a look through your YouTube content and find a video that will break down easily into step by step content. This format will work best in Jumprope.

Step 2: Once you find a video you want take the original MP4 file and AirDrop it or transfer it to your phone’s camera roll.

Step 3: Open up Jumprope and create a new guide by hitting the plus button at the bottom of the screen and selecting the “split a video into steps” option. From there you can find and select the video you just shared to your phone.

Step 4: When your video uploads use our simple tool to split the video into different steps. Move the slider to add a step and you can remove a step if you make a mistake. Do this until you’ve completed all of the steps in the video.

Step 5: Add in step text to your videos.

Step 6: Customize your Jumprope with colors, fonts and animations to make your Jumprope feel on brand for you. You can also choose from over 100 songs on Jumprope to use as background music or upload your own.

Step 7: Publish your Jumprope to get your exports for every platform.

How To Repurpose Instagram Stories For Jumprope

Step 1: Find any saved Instagram stories in your camera roll if possible or screen record existing stories on your Instagram story highlights.

Step 2: Scroll through your camera roll and favorite the media you want to use when you create your Jumprope. Favoriting helps make it easier to find this content in Jumprope later because it may save based on the original date it was created.

Step 3: Open up Jumprope and go to create a new guide and select “pick steps from your camera roll.” At the top of the screen tap where it says “library” and change it to “favorites” or wherever you decided to save your videos to. Now select the steps you want and import them.

Step 4: Add step text underneath your video for each step and adjust the clips however you want by tapping on the video to access the editing tools.

(Pro Tip: You’ll want to make sure that you’re cropping out any overlay text you may have added in Instagram stories as it will look cleaner without any text in the video.)

Step 5: Customize your Jumprope by customizing colors, fonts, animations, and music all within the app.

Step 6: Hit publish and select a category to get your exports.

How To Repurpose Vertical Video Content For Jumprope

Step 1: Download old Instagram stories or find a video in your camera roll that you want to split into steps.

Step 2: Open Jumprope and create a new guide. If you’re uploading one long video make sure to select “split video into steps.”

Step 3: Select the video you want to upload and clip it into steps using our simple tool. You can also select multiple clips to upload if you’d prefer.

Step 4: Use our editing tools to trim further if needed, mute the footage, add a voiceover and more. Simply tap the video to access the editing tools.

Step 5: Customize your videos by choosing colors, fonts, and songs to accompany your Jumprope.

Step 6: Preview your Jumprope before you hit publish to see if you like how the video flows and see if there’s anything else you need to adjust.

Step 7: Now you can hit publish and access your exports so you can share your content anywhere.

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