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6 Mistakes To Avoid on Jumprope

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Let’s be honest: everyone creates differently and there are so many different filming styles and ways to create videos. So take the title of this blog post with a grain of salt, because we really just want to help creators feel confident that they’re creating the best possible video content.

In addition to getting questions about how to get featured on Jumprope, we often have creators asking about filming best practices and what they can do to create quality content. In this post we’re sharing six things to avoid when creating Jumpropes that will help make your content look amazing on the app.

Tip 1: Avoid using stock photos. Your content will be much more personal and engaging if you use your own videos and images.

Tip 2: Don’t use your logo as the cover image. The cover image is the first thing that people see if they decide to watch your Jumprope. It should represent the project, tutorial or recipe that you’re sharing. You can instead use your logo as your profile image.

Tip 3: Make sure that you don’t have any black and white bars on the sides or top and bottom of the image. Your video should take up the entire frame available on Jumprope.

Tip 4: Don’t use videos that have overlay text on them. It can get distracting and can unintentionally get cropped in weird ways when Jumprope formats for your social media channels. Instead, use the text space provided when editing in Jumprope.

Tip 5: Avoid over-editing your videos and images. We want to be able to clearly see what is going on and that can be difficult if too many filters are used and the colors are distorted.

Tip 6: Don’t forget to add a profile image to your account. If you don’t upload one there will be a blank, grey silhouette on each of your Jumpropes and it will be hard for someone to find/recognize you. It can be you or your logo and it will show up on each of your Jumpropes.

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