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Travel Content Ideas for Jumprope


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Being a travel blogger is no easy job, with all the travelling, planning, budgeting, writing, not to mention endless correspondence. And then on top of it all occasionally we run into creator’s block.

Ever been staring a deadline right in the face, and absolutely no ideas jump to mind? We’ve all been there. In fact, I may or may not be suffering from it right now. Which is why I’ve decided to write a post on travel content ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create and viewers to adventure. The best part? You probably have tons of content that you can repurpose to create some amazing guides.

  1. The Travel Foodie

You can make posts centered around the best foods in a certain area, or even the best of a certain type of food in the area. 

  1. The Socially Conscious

It’s a privilege being able to see so many places. As we visit each new location, it’s important to stay aware of our impact on the environment and communities we touch. We’re all learning still, and many people don’t know how to ethically travel or what it is. Having guides to educate travellers will help us grow rich in both travel experiences and a sense of responsibility towards the world we live in. 

  1. The Adventurer

Posts that suggest favorite activities to participate in are incredibly helpful for potential visitors. 

  1. The Whole Package

Sometimes we just want our trips planned for us by people who’ve done it before. These Jumpropes give you a complete guide on how to spend a day. 

  1. The Storyteller

Oftentimes, the most impactful parts of our trips aren’t the landmarks, natural scenery, or even the food. It’s the people we meet, and the experiences we share. Being able to immerse ourselves in a new culture and glimpse the edges of a different life can be one of the most memorable and valuable experiences of a traveller. 

  1. The Budget Traveler

Travelling can be expensive, and having insider tips and tricks to save money are incredibly useful.

  1. The Photo Enthusiast

We all love having beautiful photos to save as memories, and these guides will give you the best locations to get the perfect photo op. 

  1. The Family Traveler

Traveling with kids or pets is sometimes a whole different ball game than travelling solo, and being able to hear about the experiences of others is incredibly valuable before a trip.

Let’s be honest, COVID hit the travel industry HARD. Traffic is down, people aren’t travelling for a variety of reasons: bans, pandemic, cancel culture, social responsibility. However, just because you’re not getting a lot of mileage, doesn’t mean your blog can’t. If you feel like you’ve already optimized your blog to the max–short of running paid ads, you probably haven’t tried Jumprope.

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What will you be creating? Leave a comment down below.

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