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How Mediavine and AdThrive Bloggers are Leveraging Jumprope

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When we noticed Mediavine and AdThrive bloggers flocking to Jumprope, our team picked up the phone. Over the past month, we’ve talked to more than 40 of you to understand your businesses and how you’re already using Jumprope.

It has been so much fun to hear your stories, and we’re always impressed with your path to turning a passion into a thriving business.

Your mission aligns with our mission. Jumprope is here to support you in growing your business (and it’s free!). We wanted to share the most common ways Mediavine, AdThrive and other professional bloggers are leveraging Jumprope to grow, drive engagement and monetize.

1) Monetize With Video

You’ve told us you’ve seen 3x RPM increase by using video with pre-roll ads on your posts. Jumprope is enabling bloggers to create professional video much faster than they ever have before. It takes as little as 15 minutes to create a video when you repurpose process photos or Instagram Stories.

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Jumprope horizontal video format uploaded to the Mediavine video player.

Check out an example on Findingzest.

2) Grow audience with Google Web Stories

Jumprope is working with Google to make it easy for bloggers to start showing up in Google Web Stories. This engaging new format is showing up on Search Results and Google Discover and mirrors the experience of viewing content in the Jumprope app. Mediavine and AdThrive bloggers have already gotten more than 50,000 views on a single Jumprope via Google Web Stories.

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Google Discover showing a Jumprope (left) and the cover of a Jumprope in Google Web Stories.

Check out Take-Out Style Kung Pao Chicken in Google Web Stories format.

3) Add Video Steps To A Blog Post

Bloggers are giving readers a new way to experience recipes with Jumprope’s step-by-step video format that their readers are loving. Using our simple WordPress plug-in, bloggers can add this new engaging format to their blogs without worrying about any of the technical details.

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Check out FoodfaithfitnessClarkcondensed and 365daysofcrockpot for examples.

4) Create engaging videos for social

Bloggers are sharing videos created on Jumprope to Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and Facebook. You also get Stories to share on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, and you’re telling us you’re getting so much positive feedback when you post them. Best of all, you just have to create once and get formats optimized for every platform.

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Jumprope videos on IGTV, Pinterest and Facebook.

Check out examples on IGTVPinterest (Video)Pinterest (Image)Facebook and YouTube.

5) Creating Stories for IG, FB & Pinterest

Stories are now on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Jumprope makes it easy to make professional stories that mirror a bloggers brand that can be shared to any stories platforms. Bloggers say they’re getting tons of positive DMs when they use Jumprope’s story formats.

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(Note: Jumprope does not have a formal partnership with either Mediavine or AdThrive.)