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4 Ways To Add Jumprope To Your Blog

Jumprope Tips

Jumprope can be used for much more than creating engaging content to share to your social media channels. In fact, many professional bloggers are using Jumprope to create awesome content for their blogs and websites.

Below we’ll walk you through the exact steps for how to add Jumprope to your blog, depending on which format works best for your audience.

In the app, tap on any published Jumprope on your profile to get your videos. We have two exports with HTML that you can share to your blog or website. Swipe all the way over to the right to find them and select the export you want.

You can email yourself the code or if you’re on WordPress you can install our plugin for the blog export.

To install the player embed: 

If you’d prefer the player embed simply swipe to the Player Embed export and send yourself the code.

The code for the embed will be sent to the email associated with your Jumprope account. 

Copy it and open up the blog post you want to use it in. Head to the HTML and insert the code. 

The example in the video above is shown in Squarespace, so just keep in mind it might be different on your computer. Wait a few seconds for it to load and you’ll see a player like the one above appear.

To install the blog embed:

If you’d prefer the blog embed simply swipe to “Blog Embed” on the export screen and share the code to your email or install our WordPress plugin to add it.

Head to your email and click the link that was sent to you if you chose to email yourself the blog embed. Select your platform and copy the code from there. 

Paste the code in the HTML of your site. If your videos aren’t playing right away, save the post and exit and then open the post again. 

You’ll see the product links also transfer from your Jumprope to your blog post.

Screenshot from Plativore Kitchen

To embed via YouTube:

Another way to add Jumprope to your website is to embed a your Jumprope as a YouTube video.

Download the YouTube export of your Jumprope and use AirDrop or email to get the file onto your computer. Upload the horizontal export of your Jumprope to YouTube and publish the video to your channel.

Then you can embed the YouTube video in your website. You may be able to create a video block or simply grab the embed code from YouTube.

To embed in an ad network player: 

If you’re part of an ad network like AdThrive or Mediavine you can save the horizontal export (same as above) of your Jumprope to your phone.

AirDrop or email the video to your computer and upload it to your ad network player the way you would with any horizontal video. Now you can monetize your horizontal Jumprope video export on your blog.

Get our Jumprope WordPress plugin here.

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