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7 Tips For Building an Audience on Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

Now that we’ve shared the secrets behind how to get featured on Jumprope, we also wanted to share what you need to know about building an audience on Jumprope.

The number one thing you can do? Create amazing content that Jumprope users will love. But to be a little more specific, we’re sharing 7 tips for growing your audience on Jumprope and sharing a few things that turn someone from a one-time viewer into a loyal follower.

Tip 1: Pick a username and profile photo that explains who you are and what you do. Have them match other social media profiles for consistency

Tip 2: In your bio share who you are and what you do by using keywords like DIY, food, or fashion

Tip 3: Check out featured creators in categories you’re interested in and follow them to see examples of high quality Jumpropes and get inspiration. We love featuring videos with great lighting, a steady camera, and easy to follow steps

Tip 4: Focus on creating Jumpropes in one main category. Repeat published Jumpropes in a category may lead to us featuring you as a creator in that category

Tip 5: Create with consistency. Pick a frequency like once a week or a day like Mondays to publish new Jumprope videos so your audience can know when to hear from you

Tip 6: Add relevant tags to your Jumpropes to help get discovered by new viewers. Add as many relevant tags to your Jumpropes as you’d like. To learn more about how to use tags, check out this Jumprope.

Tip 7: Give your videos a great title so that if someone is searching in the app they’ll find your video

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