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6 Unexpected Uses For Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

Have you ever wondered if you’re making the most of all that Jumprope has to offer?

We made a list of six things you probably didn’t know you could use Jumprope for to share with you and we’re curious to hear how many of these you’ve tried already.

From improving SEO to securing brand deals, there are tons of uses for Jumprope beyond creating videos.

Use Jumprope to land brand deals

Many creators have leveraged the power of Jumprope when working with brands because it allows them to give a brand even more deliverables than they initially asked for without any extra work. It’s a great way to stand out. Here are a few examples of Jumpropes that were made in partnership with brands:

Brave Bracelets with Impressart
Perricone MD Prebiotic Acne Therapy Regimen
Duncan Hines Gooey Caramel Apple Cookie Bars

Jumprope can help with your SEO

By using our blog export, your step text becomes text in the HTML of your website, leaving less work for you to do when you go to write your post. In addition using our blog export or blog embed player will show up with rich snippets on mobile search.

Your Jumpropes don’t just live within the app

Every Jumprope has a traditional URL associated with it just like an Instagram post or a YouTube video so you can share your Jumprope with anyone even if they’re not on the app.

Use Jumprope to help with affiliate sales

Add products to your video and be sure to use your affiliate links if you have them. You can also mention verbally or in the step text after a tutorial if you have a unique discount code to share with your audience. Since the entire app is shoppable, you never know who may watch your tutorial and want to shop your video.

Repurpose photos to create Jumpropes

Most people think of videos when they think of Jumprope but you can also make a Jumprope just out of photos. Upload photos from a recent blog post or project and the app will transform them into an engaging video that you can share anywhere.

Share beyond social media

You can share your Jumpropes to your LinkedIn to show your professional contacts what you’re creating. LinkedIn is often overlooked because it isn’t a traditional social media platform but sharing video there can be more engaging in a sea of mainly text posts.

How many of these have you tried?

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