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The Top 5 Exports Professional Bloggers Leverage

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As a professional blogger, content creation is only part of the job—it’s also important to have an active presence on many social media platforms to drive blog traffic. In the past, bloggers have spent hours reformatting video content for each of their platforms.

Jumprope solved this challenge.

Professional bloggers leverage Jumprope exports so they can create a video once, and then easily share it everywhere without worrying about dimensions and edits. Export to Pinterest, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, blogs, and more.

We compiled a list of the top exports that professional bloggers are sharing to their blogs and social media accounts.

1. Pinterest Video Pin and Split Screen Pin

Video Pin views are up 240% year over year (Later). Engaging video pins stand out in the Pinterest feed, which leads to increase clicks and blog traffic. Here’s exactly how professional bloggers leverage the video pin:

  • Create a Jumprope, then save the Video Pin export or Split Screen Pin to the camera roll
  • AirDrop, email, or save to Cloud space, then open on a computer
  • Post directly to Pinterest, or schedule using a service like Tailwind

The Pinterest video pin is available in both framed and full-bleed style, depending on your brand aesthetic and the split screen pin is especially great for recipe Jumpropes and DIY projects.

2. Youtube Horizontal Video

Although this export is titled ‘Youtube,’ it has additional uses for professional bloggers. When working with an Ad Network such as Mediavine or AdThrive, bloggers take advantage of this horizontal export to increase ad revenue through their Ad Network Video Players.

  • Save the Youtube horizontal video export to the camera roll
  • Airdrop, email, or save to cloud space
  • Open on a computer
  • Upload to the ad network video player
  • Embed in a blog post

Rebecca of The Practical Kitchen uploads the video to her Mediavine player. Professional bloggers looking to expand their YouTube presence are also uploading this export to their YouTube accounts.

3. WordPress Plugin: Player & Blog Embed

Professional Bloggers use the Jumprope WordPress Plugin to add engaging features to their posts. The blog embed breaks down each card of your Jumprope for a unique viewer experience. The player embed is an interactive Stories player that you viewers can tap or click through.

  • Install the WordPress Plugin on your blog and follow setup instructions
  • Within a blog post, insert the plugin and select the Jumprope you’d like to include
  • Select the blog embed or player embed. ‘Resources’ are products if you’ve included them in your Jumprope

Sara of A Food Lover’s Life reduced her bounce rate by 38% after adding the blog export to her posts.

For exactly how to add Jumprope to your blog, check out this blog post.

4. Instagram Stories

Everyone loves Instagram stories because of it’s easily digestible and tappable format. Half a billion people use Instagram stories daily (Hootsuite). Many bloggers are also adding Pinterest story pins to their content calendars.

With Jumprope, bloggers are exporting the IG stories format and leveraging it for both Instagram and Pinterest. Lauren of Delicious Little Bites received over 1.2M impressions on her story pin with the Jumprope export.

  • Save the Instagram stories export to the camera roll, or share it directly to your Instagram.
  • Upload to your Pinterest or Instagram account.

5. Instagram Feed & IGTV

Professional bloggers use the IG feed or IGTV exports to add engaging video content to their accounts. If a Jumprope is under 1 minute, bloggers leverage the Instagram Feed export. If it is over 1 minute, they leverage the IGTV export like Taylor of Food Faith Fit.

  • Save the Instagram feed or IGTV to the camera roll
  • Upload to Instagram
  • If you’re using the IG feed export, it is 4:5 so remember to zoom out before posting

You can watch this video about how to share your Jumprope to Instagram.

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