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Ways To Create Engaging Video Content for Social Media


These days on social media it’s a competition for attention. So how can you create engaging content for social media to ensure that your audience stays with you throughout your video?

In this blog post we’ll cover two things that will help make your content more engaging:

  • confidence on camera
  • scripting your videos

Keeping an audience engaged throughout your video is key to make sure they want to follow along for more. To learn more about how to build an audience on Jumprope, check out this blog post.

How to be confident on camera

Step 1: Remind yourself that you can do as many takes as you need

Step 2: Practice via FaceTime with a friend or in the mirror so you can see what you look like on camera

Step 3: Film at least two takes of each clip that you want so you always have options 

Step 4: Picture your ideal viewer or customer and remember who you’re talking to so you can get excited about the message you’re trying to convey

Step 5: Make bullet points that you can keep off to the side on a notebook or your laptop to refer back to

Step 6: Remember people love personality over perfection so let your unique persona shine through in a video

How to script your talking videos

Step 1: Have an intro like the one in the video above where you set your audience up for what they can expect to learn when watching your video. This will make them more likely to watch all the way through

Step 2: Create bullet points of the main topics you want to cover in your video. You can always add notes underneath this will help you focus your video

Step 3: Keep it chronological if possible. Most Jumprope videos are tutorials so remember to go in order and give someone the exact steps or process they need to achieve a certain result

Step 4: At the end remember to share a call to action and tell them  where people can find more information, sign up for your newsletter, or request a demo or samples of your products/services

How will you create engaging video content for social media? Let us know in the comments!

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