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Your Ultimate Guide To Getting Started on Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

Congrats on creating a Jumprope account! We’re excited to have you on the platform to discover, create and share videos. We’re here to help you out and tell you everything you need to know about getting started on Jumprope before you even make your first video.

In this blog post we’ll share:

  • how to add a profile image on Jumprope
  • how to link your social media accounts on Jumprope
  • how to save your Jumprope to your phone
  • all of the editing tools in Jumprope and how to use them

How To Add a Profile Image on Jumprope

Step 1: Go to your dashboard and tap “view profile.”

Step 2: Tap the pencil icon at the top to edit your profile.

Step 3: Tap the camera and then tap the import icon. You can tap the drop down menu to see different albums and files.

Step 4: Tap the photo you want as your profile image and then hit select.

Step 5: Tap done. You’re all set!

How To Link Your Social Media Accounts on Jumprope

Step 1: Open the app and head to your profile

Step 2: Hit the pencil in the top corner to edit and find the account you want to add.

Step 3: Enter your username for the platform you want to link and then hit done.

Step 4: Now when you view your profile you can see your account is linked.

How To Save Your Jumprope To Your Phone

Step 1: Go to your published Jumprope and tap on the one you want to save.

Step 2: Tap “save and share videos.”

Step 3: Select the format you want to save. We provide IGTV, Pinterest, Instagram stories, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Step 4: Tap to save. Keep Jumprope open while your video downloads and then tap “done.”

Step 5: Your Jumprope is now saved in your photos app, ready to share anywhere.

A Guide To Jumprope’s Editing Tools and How To Use Them

First, import a photo or video and tap on the media to open the editing tools. The tools are as follows:

Mute: You have the option to mute your video that you added to your Jumprope.

Speed: Adjust the speed of your video by speeding up or slowing down the video as much as you’d like. Drag the bar to the speed that you want.

Trim: If you need to trim the beginning or the end of your clip you can use the trim tool to do this. Simply drag the bars on either side.

Adjust: Zoom in on your media or rotate if if you imported it in a different orientation than the one you wanted.

Voiceover: Add a voiceover to your video if you’d like. Remember to mute the original audio for best results with voiceover.

Filters: Choose from several filters to change the color of your video.

We hope you learned some great tips for getting started on Jumprope. If you ever have other questions you can send us a DM on Instagram or chat us directly in the app.