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5 Big New Features on Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

We’ve just added some awesome new features to the Jumprope app and we’re excited to walk you through what they are and how they work.

1. New home screen

We’re all about helping people discover how to do the things they’re passionate about. Our new home screen has a personalized feed based on your interests. 

We’ve also made it easier to browse the amazing Jumpropes creators make everyday. You can browse by category and categories at the top of the screen.

2. Tagging

Tags help Jumprope show your content to the viewers most likely to love it. When you publish your Jumpropes, we now ask you to add relevant tags.

What about all those guides you’ve already published? We’ve automatically added some tags for you and you can add tags to any published Jumprope at any time.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll see tags become a bigger part of the viewing experience on Jumprope. The more comprehensive your tags are, the more your Jumpropes will get discovered.

Check out this Jumprope with more info on tags:

3. Combining media (iPhone only)

We believe the most engaging content is broken down into cards. But sometimes it makes sense to combine multiple videos or photos into a single card: adding several ingredients to a bowl or showing several photos of the same location in a city guide.

Now you can combine as many photos or videos as you want into a single card. 

Learn more about how to combine media:

4. More music

We know picking a song that has the right vibe for your Jumprope helps your content come to life as a creator. We’ve added more than 100 new royalty-free songs in the app. 

Just tap “Music” when you’re creating your Jumprope and you’ll find the updated library. Of course, you can still upload your own music.

5. Improved animations

If you’re a creator, we know that creating once and sharing everywhere is one of your favorite Jumprope features. We’ve improved the text and motion graphics animations to be smoother and cleaner so your videos look even more professional.

Remember, you can update the animation style by tapping on the wand in the “Style” tool of the app. If you’re on iPhone, we’ve added a fun, new animation style called “Liquid”

Have any questions/feedback for us about our new updates? Let us know by DMing us on Instagram or leaving a comment on this post.

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