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Introducing Jumprope On Google Discover

Jumprope Tips

We’re excited to announce today that we’re partnering with Google to make it easier for anyone to explore new recipes, DIY’s, travel guides, fitness routines and more. You can now view new Jumpropes every day on your Google Discover feed on Android and iPhone.

At Jumprope, our mission is to make it easy for anyone to share their knowledge and learn something new. We’re excited that Google users can now find authentic and inspiring guides made by independent creators on Jumprope.

Over the past year, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with the team at Google to build Jumprope’s viewing experience into Google Web Stories. We’re excited to share Google’s announcement that Web Stories are now available for all Discover users in the US, India and Brazil. Google featured Jumpropes in Food, Design & DIY, Travel and Beauty on it’s new Stories Showcase.

If you’re interested in food, DIYs, fitness, beauty, fashion and travel, look for Jumpropes made by inspiring creators around the world in your Google feed. You can find Jumprope content in English, Hindi and Portuguese with more languages coming soon.

We’ve made it easy for anyone—without any video editing or technical experience—to create a Jumprope on our free iOS and Android apps. In just 15 minutes, you can shoot and edit a step-by-step guide for anything that looks professional and matches your personal brand and style. All high quality content created on Jumprope will be indexed into Google Web Stories. If you’re a blogger, creator or brand, learn how to get started on Jumprope.

We believe in the power of the Web Stories format and framework. Web Stories has allowed Jumprope to deliver viewers on Jumprope.com, Google and creators’ blogs an experience that’s as fast and engaging as in our iPhone and Android apps.

As Google and Jumprope have been testing the feature over the past few months, Jumpropes have been viewed more than 4M times on Google Discover. The average Jumprope is about 8-20 cards and 70% of viewers watch through to the end of the Jumprope.

We look forward to continuing to partner with Google and be early-adopters of new features as they are added to the Web Stories framework. Thank you to the product, engineering and partnerships teams at Google who have been incredible partners to us over the past year.

To help the broader community of creators, we’re also sharing insights around what makes the most engaging Web Stories on Discover.

Here are some examples of Jumpropes you can find on Google Discover today:

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