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3 DIY Content Creators Share Insights For Growing Your Business

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Each month Jumprope brings together expert DIY content creators to share their knowledge and insights at our virtual DIY Creator Conference. This month we welcomed Taylor Chew, KariAnne Wood, and Holli Mostella

They covered:
Finding Inspiration & Creating a Platform with Multiple Interests
Creating a Successful Video Setup & Workflow
5 Revenue Streams to Monetize Your Blog

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Finding Inspiration & Creating a Platform with Multiple Interests

Taylor is a long time Jumprope creator with over 100 Jumpropes! Her brand, We Craft Social, encompasses crafting, baking, and face painting. Jumprope inspired Taylor to share content to more platforms, going from ~10k to 100k monthly visitors on Pinterest after pinning Jumprope exports!

Taylor has some amazing advice, especially for new content creators:

Just Start
Don’t worry about getting the best equipment or creating a perfect video. Start now and learn as you go.

Explore Your Interests
Don’t limit yourself. It’s ok to experiment first with multiple interests and find what you’re excited about. 

Listen to Your Audience
Pay attention to what your audience likes and learn from that. This is how you’ll decide which interests to keep pursuing.

Your Multiple Interests Should Share a Common Thread
Taylor teaches her audience about crafting, baking, and face painting. The common thread is teaching. Plus she recommends eventually narrowing down to 3 interests max.

Lean into Seasonal Content
It’s easy to get inspired by seasonal trends, and October – December is especially great for DIY. Pay attention to what your audience wants and give them more of that. For Taylor’s audience this means face painting in October & pies in November.

Creating a Successful Video Setup & Workflow

Another long time Jumprope user, Holli fosters community in everything she does; through her website, Facebook groups, and podcast, Beyond Crafting. Here are Holli’s video & content tips:

Don’t be scared, just start
You don’t need to invest in a bunch of equipment to start. Know your budget, whether it’s $0, medium, or your all out dream budget. As you learn you can make a wish list of equipment you want down the road.

Use what you have for a $0 setup
Sunlight is free and you probably already have a phone with a great camera. The microphone right in your phone or earbuds will work great for voiceover, which is what Holli still uses for Jumpropes!

Check out this Jumprope for a free tripod hack:

Holli’s Medium Budget includes a USB Mic kit, Fugetek tripod, and an 18” ring light.
Her Dream Budget includes a Blue Yeti mic, Akron mount (use code HOLLI20 to save 20%), soft boxes in addition to her ring light, and a Canon EOS Rebel T7i.

Reuse & Repurpose Existing Content
Once you create content it’s yours forever. If it’s seasonal, like Halloween & Holiday, reshare the following year. If it’s evergreen, meaning it works anytime of year, work it into your rotation anytime you don’t have the bandwidth to create something new.

Create video content with Jumprope
Jumprope is a great way to experiment with new platforms since you create once and share everywhere. Jumprope is where all of Holli’s craft tutorials start. Experiment with what exports work best for you, right now Holli is loving the TikTok export!

5 Revenue Streams to Monetize Your Blog

KariAnne Wood is the author of 4 best selling books and creator of the blog Thistlewood Farms, which has been awarded the Country Living Decorating Blog of the Year. KariAnne filled us in on blog monetization:

Ads Are a Great Passive Income Stream
Ad revenue is tied to page views, so first get your page views up by creating mastermind groups & sharing each other’s posts, join share groups on Facebook, and ask other similar blogs for features (the worst they can say is no). Once you hit 10k views you can apply for ad networks like Ezoic and SheMedia.

Work with Brands
Reach out to your favorite brands on Instagram. Decoart, Cricut, and Plaid are all craft companies that work with influencers. You can use sites like Hunter.io to hunt down email addresses.

Use Affiliate Links
Earn a percentage when items are purchased through your link. KariAnne uses RewardStyle, you can also use Amazon Affiliates or check individual brands and retailers like Michaels. 

Sell Ads on Your Side Bar
This is how KariAnne made her first $1,000! Approach companies directly and sell ad space on your side bar. Give them the specs so they can design their own ad = less work for you!

Monetize Your Other Skills
You can start a coaching group, sell handmade items, teach courses, sell an ebook, speak at events and more. There are tons of ways to monetize your talents that all tie back to your blog! KariAnne hosts a Christmas Workshop and a Mastermind Community.

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