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How To Use Jumprope To Land Brand Deals

Jumprope Tips

Have you ever thought about using Jumprope to secure partnerships with brands?

Whether it’s a recipe for Duncan Hines, a beauty tutorial for Act + Acre, or a DIY project for ImpressArt, creators have found success incorporating Jumprope in their work with brands. Here are six tips for how you can use Jumprope to land brand deals. 

More video content = more brand deals

Jumprope is the best and easiest way to create short-form video content. Not all creators make video content, but brands are more interested in video marketing than they ever were before when it comes to partnering with creators.

If you’ve wanted to start creating video content but haven’t yet, Jumprope makes it easy to get started. You don’t need any previous editing experience or expensive equipment.

Show brands the potential

Paint a picture of what it would look like for a brand to hire you to create content using Jumprope. Send them a few examples of Jumpropes you’ve already created that are similar to what you could create for their brand.

If you’re a food creator and you want to pitch a brand send them a few recipes featuring products or ingredients that they have so they can visualize how you could create content with their products too. Or better yet…

Create organic content using a brand you want to work with

Create a Jumprope featuring the brand you’re interested in collaborating with and send it to them! The easiest way for a brand to visualize what a collaboration with you using Jumprope could look like is for you to show them. 

Bonus Tip: Link their products in the Jumprope you send them and show them the opportunity for additional sales/affiliate revenue that could come with the content being published on Jumprope.

Go the extra mile 

Win the brand over by going above and beyond just sharing the deliverables that you promised them. For example, if you created and shared a project for a brand that you agreed to share to IGTV, offer to send them the Instagram stories format so they could also share it on their account and tag you.

You’ll stand out in a good way and since the app automatically generates all of the exports of your Jumprope for you, there’s no extra work on your end.

It could also allow for additional exposure for you if the brand shares the content with their audience as well. Brands always need content to share on their social media accounts and they’ll love you for handing them ready-made, awesome content.

Secure a long-term brand deal 

Pitch a long-term partnership using Jumprope and work with a brand to create a monthly series of recipe tutorials, beauty looks, craft projects or whatever you create content about.

Brands will love knowing they’re getting high quality video content over multiple months and you’ll be able to charge a higher price point for a long-term campaign with a brand.

Give them a bonus audience

Brands will get the benefit of reaching a larger audience by publishing to Jumprope too because by creating with Jumprope you’ll be giving any brand partner even more exposure in addition to your audience on your other social media channels.

Additionally, Jumprope is a publisher with Google Web Stories and Google Discover and it’s possible for your Jumpropes to show up on those surfaces as well.

Have you used Jumprope to land a deal with your dream brand? Let us know in the comments or send us a DM on Instagram!

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