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10 Proven Ways to Get More Views on Your Recipe Jumpropes

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Curious how to create the best recipe content that gets views on Jumprope? Here are 10 things top food creators do every time they create (and exactly what they avoid)!

1. Share helpful, interesting recipes

We’re seeing all types of food content do well on Jumprope, from classic cookies to super specific ethnic dishes. The underlying theme is that these recipes are helpful and engaging. Try sharing unique recipes to pique viewer’s interest, such as this Brandied Cherry Cranberry Sauce. We’ve all heard of cranberry sauce, but brandied cherry? We’re intrigued.


2. Use engaging, video-centric steps

It’s no surprise that video steps are the most engaging to viewers. Viewers love to follow along with you and see exactly how you shaped that sourdough loaf or whipped that meringue. When possible, always use video! Speaking of that…

3. Use a steady camera and good lighting for high-quality content

We’re here to share that you don’t need a fancy camera, studio setup, or the perfect kitchen to create a quality recipe video. Most of our creators simply use their phone in a steady tripod (Amazon has great options) with natural lighting and a clean bright background (table, counter, or backdrops), or you can try our $0 tripod hack.

4. Include detailed steps and complete ingredient information for your recipes

Break your recipe down into easy-to-understand steps and include all the information someone would need to cook the food themselves. Viewers are more likely to watch and follow you when you include measurements. Use our Product card to easily add ingredients and measurements in one place (you can even add affiliate links).

5. Avoid using photos or videos with burned-in text

When you import photos or videos with burned-in text to Jumprope, the text is often cut-off and creates a poor viewer experience. In Jumprope, each card has dedicated text space so you can add details for each step of your recipe.

6. 8+ cards is the recommended Jumprope length

When creating a Jumprope, think about your viewers. They’re looking for interesting and detailed recipes that allow them to easily follow along. Aim for 8+ cards in a Jumprope to ensure you’re including enough detail – some Jumpropes have 20+ cards! We’ve seen shorter Jumpropes when it makes sense for the recipe, but aim for 8+ cards as a general guideline.

7. Create consistently and use our trending tags

Create consistently on the app to share fresh content with viewers. Many of our top creators create at least 1 Jumprope weekly. Check out our Trending tab to view the latest trending tags and plan relevant recipes, especially seasonal content.

8. Include a high-quality, well-lit cover photo of your finished recipe

Your cover photo is important! It’s what viewers see while they’re scrolling through our Jumprope app or Google Web Stories. We have plenty of food photography tips here.

9. Use a catchy, descriptive title with keywords

Jumprope titles are just like a blog post: use a catchy, SEO-friendly title! Use keywords like ‘easy’ or ‘quick,’ include brand names, special diets, or locations to catch viewer’s interest. Longer titles that use all available characters do best.


10. Add a bio and profile photo

The easiest way to get started? Add your personal bio and photo! Your photo will display when viewer’s scroll through Jumpropes and if you’re selected as a feature creator. It’s important to have a profile photo and bio so viewers can connect with you. They want to know who you are and what content you share.

Now that you know how to increase your views, are you ready to start building an audience on Jumprope? Try out these 7 tips to get started.

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