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Introducing Linked Jumpropes

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At Jumprope we’re always listening to your feedback and thinking about new features we can add to improve your experience on Jumprope. Today, we’re excited to introduce linked Jumpropes.

What are linked Jumpropes?

We’ve enabled you to link to any other Jumprope in any Jumprope you create on the app.

For example, if you’re creating a cake Jumprope and you’ve already created a frosting recipe Jumprope you can now link to that tutorial within the cake Jumprope.

When you link a Jumprope it allows users to go directly to the Jumprope you’ve linked from the Jumprope they’re currently watching. Whenever you close out of the linked video, you’ll return to the initial Jumprope that you were watching. You can link your own Jumpropes or Jumpropes made by other creators.

To link a Jumprope simply add a new card and tap the text box. A link icon will appear and you’ll be able to select Jumpropes to link. When you link a Jumprope, we’ll pull in the cover photo and the Jumprope title. However if you want replace the photo or update the text you can if you’d like to.

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Linked roundups are similar to other Jumpropes in that you’ll still get all of your exports for that Jumprope, although the links won’t carry over into the exports.

You can also go back and update any of your already published Jumpropes to add links and we encourage you to do this for any Jumpropes you’ve created already. To update an existing Jumprope, head to your published Jumpropes and tap edit. You can insert a blank card and add a link from there.

How should I use linked Jumpropes?

There are so many creative ways that you can use linked Jumpropes. To give you some inspiration here are three ways we envision creators using this feature. You can also watch the tutorial below to learn exactly how to do these three things.

1. Link to Jumpropes that feature skills or mini tutorials that can help a viewer follow your current Jumprope.

For example, you could be making a Jumprope about a salad and link to a dressing recipe. This saves you having to re-film something you’ve already created or interrupt your main recipe Jumprope with additional instructions.

2. Create collections of your own content.

For example, you can create a roundup of recent craft projects, a collection of beauty Jumpropes where you show different looks using the same eyeshadow palette, or your best no equipment workouts.

3. Use linked Jumpropes to find things on Jumprope that you want to collect and share with others.

For example, you can plan your whole Thanksgiving meal using Jumprope and create a linked Jumprope including sides, drinks, tablescape ideas, and more.

How our creators are using linked Jumpropes

Here are some examples of linked Jumpropes made by creators on the app, from roundups to linking out helpful skills.

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