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6 Ways to Get More Views on Fitness Jumpropes

Jumprope Tips

We’ve mined our data to share best practices that will help you get more views on your Fitness Jumpropes. Follow these 6 tips to create the best content!

1. Center Your Jumprope Around Something Interesting

Fitness Jumpropes that perform the best usually have something interesting that the content is centered around. Some examples of this are:

2. Use a Thoughtful Cover Photo that Represents Your Jumprope

  • Use a photo of yourself doing a workout move! This shows the viewer exactly what the Jumprope is about.
  • Use a photo of yourself posing with a piece of equipment that’s used in the workout. This highlights the equipment and shows the viewer what they will use in the workout.
  • Avoid selfies that don’t show the workout or equipment.
  • Do not imprint text on your cover image, use the text box above it.
  • We don’t recommend collages or graphic images.
  • Always use your own original content (no stock images).

3. Be Detailed!

  • Include the duration for each exercise (especially for timed workouts)! This is helpful for viewers who are following along.
  • Always include the recommended number of sets/reps for each exercise. You can write them in the text box after the exercise name!
  • Write out full names for exercises and equipment! People outside the fitness community might not know what some abbreviations stand for. (E.g. Rdl, db, etc.)
  • Don’t be afraid of increasing the length of your Jumprope! We’ve found that Jumpropes with a length of 8+ cards perform the best.
  • Don’t be afraid of having a long title! The more detailed the title, the better.

4. Always Use Video

  • Viewers find video more engaging! It’s also easier for viewers to follow along with the workout.
  • Film with a steady camera, bright lighting, and a clean background.
  • Do not imprint text on videos, write in the text boxes below the media.
  • Introductions before the workout are always good! This allows your audience to get to know you.
  • Use your own original content (no stock videos).

5. Adjust Audio

  • Add music! Music makes the Jumpropes more engaging to viewers, and we have a free music library on the app with hundreds of songs.
  • Make sure your videos are muted. The background noise can be distracting for viewers.
  • If you’re using voiceover, make sure to speak clearly. Avoid cutting off your audio at the end of each card.

6. Have a Complete Profile

  • Make sure you have a profile picture on your account! It will display when viewers watch your content, or if you’re selected as a featured creator on Jumprope.

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