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Creator Success Stories: Colleen of @No.Food.Rules


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Colleen, Registered Dietitian and successful blogger at Colleen Christensen Nutrition, shares how she leverages Jumprope to create her video content in the most time-efficient way.

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

Colleen: “Before Jumprope, I had no video experience. I attempted video and even took courses, but it was such a production. I couldn’t carve out the time and wrote off video completely. I definitely would have started video earlier if I had Jumprope then!”

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Colleen: “Use Jumprope! I tell all my friends that were outsourcing before, and now they’re creating videos themselves on Jumprope. Don’t be a perfectionist! You just need to get the job done, don’t compare yourself to someone who’s having their videos professionally done. Just help the reader by showing them how to make the recipe. I tell everyone about Jumprope!”

Where do you like to share your Jumprope exports?

Colleen: “I add Jumpropes to my ad network player on my blog for monetization. I export the Youtube size, then upload it to my Mediavine dashboard, then put it on the blog post and recipe card. I make video pins with Jumpropes too.”

What’s your filming setup?

Colleen: “I don’t do anything fancy. Just a table with a backdrop, and I switch back and forth between tripods. I use a light with a bounce board and shoot top-down from overhead. I go back and forth between process photo and video so it’s all done in one shot. I love the new combine feature on Jumprope for combining multiple shots!”

How have you used Jumprope to work with brands?

Colleen: “When working with brands, I typically put the video in the blog post and share it in stories. The Jumprope feature gets integrated in my packages because I’m making it anyway.”

Favorite Jumprope you’ve created and any final thoughts on Jumprope?

Colleen: My favorite is my Simple & Quick Gluten-Free Pumpkin Muffins Jumprope. Just give Jumprope a try! Integrate it into your day to do a practice one, you’ll see how easy it is. It’s so easy to record and adjust things. Food blogging is not my only job. Now video is part of my workflow process and it’s time-efficient. Jumprope fits seamlessly into my process; video, photos, edit and get on the blog all in the same day. If I could go back and add that to everything, I would!”

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