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Creator Success Stories: Meg of @MoreMomma


Jumprope screenshot of french dip sandwiches

Meg of the flourishing cooking school and food blog, More Momma, shares how she created over a hundred recipe Jumpropes in just a few short months.

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

Meg: “Before Jumprope, I really didn’t have video experience. Video wasn’t my niche before, but now you have to have video on your blog. Jumprope allows me to do that in a time-effective way. I used to use iMovie for a couple YouTube videos, but it was much more difficult to edit and took longer! Now it’s so much easier and quicker with Jumprope.”

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Meg: “Make it a habit to film! When I cook for dinner, I film every time. Video will never be perfect. It can be intimidating seeing high-quality, professional videos done in studios, but it’s not realistic. I’m a busy mom giving it my best. I don’t have a pro setup and it still works! Focus on lighting, get it bright. Have good tripod stability with no shaking. Go for it!”

Where do you like to share your Jumprope exports?

Meg: “I mainly share them on my blog, and Pinterest is huge. I use all the Pinterest exports. I also love the IG Stories and IGTV exports.”

What’s your filming setup?

Meg: “I just use my phone for video! People think they need an expensive camera but they don’t. My husband built me a $25 tripod setup.”

Meg's simple camera setup in her kitchen

How have you used Jumprope to work with brands?

Meg: “When working with brands, I let them know the Jumprope can be picked up from Google Web Stories since one of my videos got over 110k views. I love that I can monetize one Jumprope in 4 different ways: brand deals, sharing to my blog, my cooking school, and Youtube.”

Favorite Jumprope you’ve created and any final thoughts on Jumprope?

Meg: “My French Dip Sandwiches! I love that Jumprope isn’t stressful. I just create my videos and post them, it’s not mentally stressful and draining like other platforms. Other platforms create competitiveness between creators, and if you’re a smaller creator you don’t get any visibility.”

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