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Creator Success Stories: Sara of @AFoodLoversLife


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Sara, the sourdough expert behind the thriving food blog A Food Lover’s Life, shares how she secured a dozen brand deals by seamlessly adding video into her recipe workflow with Jumprope.

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

Sara: “None. Zero. I had done a few long-form sourdough tutorials in front of the camera, but had nothing to do with filming or editing. I had zero video editing experience, not even iMovie. All I had was my iPhone. I started with that and uploaded to Jumprope and used the editing features there. I eventually upgraded to using a nicer camera and taught myself the camera, iMovie, then Final Cut. I do most of my initial editing in Final Cut, then upload to Jumprope as a full video and cut it into steps.”

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Sara: “Listen to the Food Blogger Pro podcast, that encouraged me to start. Start with short and easy recipes. Get organized in advance and storyboard to break your video into little steps. I replaced my process shots with video, and it breathes life into my blog posts! You don’t need to have filming experience to create a little video story that helps show your recipe. Don’t be critical of your content! When I watch other people’s videos, I’m not critiquing at all – I just want to learn about what steps to take, helpful hints, and how the recipe comes together.”

Where do you like to share your Jumprope exports?

Sara: “I first upload to my blog post by either adding a blog embed or player embed using the Jumprope WordPress Plugin. Then Youtube. Then Instagram and FB. Then Pinterest.  I make a Pinterest Story Pin, and also a Pinterest Video Pin and I further edit those Jumprope exports into smaller segments. On Instagram I use the Jumpropes on my grid, in Stories, and in Reels. I’ve tried TikTok a few times but need to get into that platform more.”

What’s your filming setup?

Sara: “When I first started filming I did it in the living room with natural light. But it got too cramped in there, so my husband got me set up in a spare space in the basement. That meant I needed all artificial light. I use 4 lights (all pretty cheap), 3 large diffusers clamped to laundry racks, and a white bedsheet tacked to the wall since the paint color was casting a yellow glow. My Canon camera is champed to a C-stand, and I use free EOS software to film on tether. My shot is displayed right there on my laptop so I can adjust everything using my mouse touchpad on my laptop, and don’t even need to touch my camera other than to turn it on and change the battery.”

camera setup

How have you used Jumprope to work with brands?

Sara: “Brands have reached out to me such as Wellington Crackers, Challenger Breadware, Solo Foods, Duncan Hines. I’ve done multiple Jumpropes for each brand with great engagement on social platforms. I’ve incorporated Jumprope into my Media Kit and Rate Sheet with links and examples, then I work with each company on my fee and contracts.” 

Favorite Jumprope you’ve created and any final thoughts on Jumprope?

Sara: “That’s hard to choose. My sourdough Jumpropes are my personal favorites because I love bread. I should have done video earlier with Jumprope. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It’s a learning curve. I’m so happy that I went with video because it saved my blog and jumpstarted my work with brands. It’s cut down on my process shots and turned my workflow upside down. Video has become front and center.”

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