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Creator Success Stories: Taylor of @FoodFaithFit


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Taylor, successful author and blogger at Food Faith Fitness, shares how she went from outsourcing her recipe videos to creating her own on Jumprope.

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

Taylor: “I had no idea about how to create videos. I would only outsource my recipe videos, I hired people to come in and create them. I couldn’t do it!”

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Taylor: “Just start filming! Don’t think it has to be this crazy setup to film recipes, just start simple and do it. You’ll get better and learn as you go. What’s the worst that can happen? Just go for it! You won’t know how good it could be until you try.”

Where do you like to share your Jumprope exports?

Taylor: “I share Jumpropes on my Jumprope profile, within my blog, Pinterest for sure, and sometimes on Instagram too. I love the video Pin feature and adding Jumprope to my blog.”

What’s your filming setup?

Taylor: “I use a marble backdrop since my countertop pattern is a little busy. Then I have a little overhead tripod that I slide my phone into, and it clips onto the countertop. I use natural light.”

filming setup on counter

Favorite Jumprope you’ve created and any final thoughts on Jumprope?

Taylor: “My Sugar-Free Banana Bread. Now I create a Jumprope for every single recipe that I make. People love the stories format! If you’re hesitant, just use a simple setup and start!”

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