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How 4 Food Bloggers Went From Creating 0 to Dozens of Recipe Videos

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We caught up with 4 talented food bloggers who have been leveraging Jumprope to add recipe videos to their workflow this year: Meg of More Momma, Colleen of Colleen Christensen Nutrition, Taylor of Food Faith Fitness, and Sara of A Food Lover’s Life.

When looking at content they’ve created in the last few months like this Zucchini Spice Cake and these Keto Pumpkin Muffins, it’s hard to believe that these creators started on Jumprope with no prior video experience. Since they joined Jumprope, they’ve created dozens (or hundreds!) of high-quality recipe videos, landed video brand deals, and monetized video on their blogs.

Sara started with her iPhone and a basic setup, and she was able to secure many brand deals after creating her exceptional recipe videos on Jumprope. She shared how Jumprope has enabled her to grow her business. “I was able to purchase my new upgraded filming setup with the money I earned from brand videos!”

Many of Meg’s Jumpropes get thousands of views in Google Discover, and one has even received over 110,000 views. She works with brands and uses Jumprope for her thriving cooking school. “I love that I can monetize one Jumprope in 4 different ways: brand deals, sharing to my blog, my cooking school, and Youtube!”

For Colleen, food blogging isn’t her only job — she’s also a successful registered dietitian so efficiency in her content creation process is huge. “Now video fits in seamlessly as part of my workflow process. If I could go back in time and add it to all my posts, I would!”

Taylor was paying to outsource videos for her thriving blog until she found Jumprope. As a busy blogger (and author!), she didn’t have the time to create long-form videos. “Now I create a Jumprope for every single recipe. People love the stories format!” One of her Jumpropes received over 119,000 views.

When we asked what they would tell food creators who are hesitant to start video, the answer was unanimous — just start! Use Jumprope and a simple setup, and don’t compare yourself to professional filmmakers. They all agreed that they would have started creating recipe videos earlier if they had Jumprope before. Check out highlights from their interviews below!

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

Meg: “Before Jumprope, I really didn’t have video experience. Video wasn’t my niche before, but now you have to have video on your blog. Jumprope allows me to do that in a time-effective way. I used to use iMovie for a couple YouTube videos, but it was much more difficult to edit and took longer! Now it’s so much easier and quicker with Jumprope.”

Colleen: “Before Jumprope, I had no video experience. I attempted video and even took courses, but it was such a production. I couldn’t carve out the time and wrote off video completely. I definitely would have started video earlier if I had Jumprope then!”

Taylor: “I had no idea about how to create videos. I would only outsource my recipe videos, I hired people to come in and create them. I couldn’t do it!”

Sara: “None. Zero. I had done a few long-form sourdough tutorials in front of the camera, but had nothing to do with filming or editing. I had zero video editing experience, not even iMovie.”

What is your filming setup?

Top tips for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Meg: “Make it a habit to film! When I cook for dinner, I film every time. Video will never be perfect. It can be intimidating seeing high-quality, professional videos done in studios, but it’s not realistic. I’m a busy mom giving it my best. I don’t have a pro setup and it still works! Focus on lighting, get it bright. Have good tripod stability with no shaking. Go for it!”

Colleen: “Use Jumprope! I tell all my friends that were outsourcing before, and now they’re creating videos themselves on Jumprope. Don’t be a perfectionist! You just need to get the job done, don’t compare yourself to someone who’s having their videos professionally done. Just help the reader by showing them how to make the recipe.”

Taylor: “Just start filming! Don’t think it has to be this crazy setup to film recipes, just start simple and do it. You’ll get better and learn as you go! What’s the worst that can happen? Just go for it! You won’t know how good it could be until you try.”

Sara: “Listen to the Food Blogger Pro podcast, that encouraged me to start. Start with short and easy recipes. Get organized in advance and storyboard to break your video into little steps. I replaced my process shots with video, and it breathes life into my blog posts! You don’t need to have filming experience to create a little video story that helps show your recipe. When I watch other people’s videos, I’m not critiquing at all – I just want to learn about what steps to take, helpful hints, and how the recipe comes together.”

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