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Best Practices For Creating Travel Jumpropes

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Have you ever wondered what makes a Jumprope great? After watching our community create thousands of amazing travel Jumpropes, we’ve put together a list of our best practices for creating great travel content on Jumprope.

Share detailed tips and descriptions of locations

On Jumprope, guides are stronger than lists. Your Jumprope should be helpful, detailed and interesting so that a viewer has all of the information they need to replicate your travel itinerary. Skip the fluff and give your fellow traveler the best and most relevant information about your chosen destination.

Put yourself in the shoes of a tour guide and think about what you want people to know when they visit a place you are recommending.

  • You can share details about:
    • If someone needs to book tickets ahead of an activity
    • How to get around in different places (car, bus, walking, etc.)
    • What someone should bring with them (ex: water and snacks for a hike)
    • Best time of year/day to visit the location you’re talking about
    • What dish someone should order from a restaurant you recommended
    • Tips for seeing a destination like a local

  • And you can communicate these details in a few ways in Jumprope:
    • Adding text in the text box below the image/video
    • Adding blank cards following a numbered card to share additional details about a location or activity (like Caitie from Wino Worldwide does in this Jumprope). You can tap the circle at the center of each card when editing a Jumprope to add or remove the number.
    • Adding a voiceover to your Jumprope to include even more detail

From WinoWorldwide on Jumprope

Currently on Jumprope, city guides are our top-performing content. And as mentioned above, guides are stronger than lists so try creating a city guide with an angle. Need some ideas? Check out these content prompts:

  • Weekend trips to take from X city
  • Things to do with kids in X city
  • Outdoor activities to do in/near X city
  • Free/cheap things to do in X city
  • How to see X city on a budget
  • Best restaurants/parks/beaches in X city
  • 10 museums to visit in X city
  • Neighborhood guide of X
  • Lesser-known spots in X city
  • Best things to do in X city in the (spring/summer/fall/winter)
  • First-timer’s guide to X city
  • Top tourist destinations in X city
  • Enjoy X city like a local

Video is more engaging than still images

Video will always be more engaging than photos, so use video whenever you can. Try repurposing video content from your previous trips that you shared on Instagram stories or travel vlogs.

If you do choose to repurpose content, be sure to use content without any overlay text or location tags. For our best advice on repurposing content on Jumprope check out this post.

Pro tip: Turn photos into videos with our combine feature on iOS. With combine you can now upload multiple photos to one step to create a video step.

Think about content length

Keeping a viewer’s interest as they watch your Jumprope is important. When creating your Jumprope, here are some tips for deciding how long to make your Jumprope:

  • If your guide is photo-only (no video) or primarily photos, 12-15 steps is the ideal length 
  • Top performing guides are typically 12+ steps (not including cover)
  • Shorter Jumpropes (around 8 cards in length) can work if they are primarily video and tell an interesting story
  • Time spent in a Jumprope is one of the factors we measure for success of a Jumprope
  • The more detail you can share for any fellow travelers, the better!
From @KirstenWendlandt, @WinoWorldwide, @SydneyBraat and @SarahEArnstein on Jumprope

Cover photos matter

A cover photo can be what makes a viewer decide to click into your Jumprope or keep scrolling, so choose wisely!

Some tips for selecting a cover image:

  • Bright and colorful photos often perform the best
  • Make sure the photo is relevant to the content that you’re sharing in your Jumprope
  • A lifestyle photo with a person in the image tends to do well

Create a click-worthy title

Want someone to click through your guide? Use a creative title to entice them to want to learn more. Here are some phrases you might want to include in your title: 

  • Can’t-miss spots in X city
  • Ultimate guide to X
  • Everything you need to know about X
  • What to pack for X vacation
  • Hidden gems in X city to visit

Need content ideas? Here are 10 ideas for different travel Jumpropes you can create.

Lastly, here are three more quick tips for creating successful content on Jumprope:

  • To avoid competing with yourself, space out publishing your Jumprope content. For example, if you have 5 Jumpropes about the same city, publish each Jumprope on a new day. There is a better chance that more viewers will see each one of your 5 Jumpropes this way.
  • Avoid text graphics or logos when possible in your images and videos you upload to Jumprope as it distracts from your content.
  • You can even add a link in your Jumprope to your blog so viewers can see more of your travel content.

Here are some of our most-viewed travel Jumpropes to inspire you:

From @Jessica_Esa, @Jake, @ThePoorLondoner and @KirstenWendlandt on Jumprope

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