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DIY Conference: Video on a Budget, Best Practices, & Peek into Jumprope’s Future

Jumprope Tips

Each month we bring together expert creators to share their knowledge and insights at our DIY Creator Conference. This month, due to popular demand, we focused on Jumprope specifically. 

  • Creator A.V. Perkins joined us to share her expert knowledge on video setup, content planning, and workflow.
  • Our DIY Content Director, Jessie Katz Greenberg, dove deep into Jumprope’s best practices.
  • Jumprope’s very own CEO & Co-Founder, Jake Poses, gave a closer look into Jumprope’s history and vision for the future.

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Budget-Friendly Video Setup & Workflow

A.V. Perkins of @avdoeswhat is a Jumprope creator with serious video know-how. She even films many of her own segments for HGTV Handmade, so we are incredibly lucky to have her share that knowledge with us!

You Can Create Great Video Content on a Budget

In A.V.’s own words, “your phone is called smart for a reason”! Smartphones capture great video and make filming in Jumprope super convenient. 

  • Keep your phone steady when filming, either by propping it up on a few books or investing in an inexpensive tripod. A.V. loves a selfie stick/tripod combo for filming on the go. 
  • Natural light is great (and free!) but can be tricky in the winter, so A.V. has a DIY lighting hack using inexpensive materials:

A.V. has curated a list of equipment she loves. Here at Jumprope we appreciate an inexpensive ring light, and if you’re looking for a tripod upgrade we like combining a tripod, horizontal camera mount, and phone mount.

DIY Some Influencer-Worthy Video Backgrounds

If you don’t have the perfect marble countertop or sleak craft table, fake it. A.V. recommends picking up a variety of colored poster boards or using contact paper on foam board as a reusable surface.

Find Inspiration From Your Favorite Sources

Need content ideas? We share monthly ideas you can find in our Jumprope Tips section. You can also search Google trends and Pinterest trends. Use this info to create content you know viewers are looking for.

Now That You Have an Idea, Start Planning

Always storyboard your project or create a shot list. You’ll want footage of your materials, process, and final project. A.V. recommends getting shots with and without your hands — better to film more than you need and edit down! Batch film similar projects at the same time and always write a script if you’ll be speaking.

Repurpose Your Content

Back up your work so you can revisit and repurpose it as needed. As you improve, you might want to re-edit something or trim it down to share in a new way.

Jumprope Content Best Practices: Beyond the Video

Jessie is our DIY Content Director (and monthly MC for these DIY Creator Conferences). This week she also took time to share best practices that can really take your Jumprope content to the next level.

Utilize Jumprope’s Text Space & Be Descriptive

Think about your Jumprope like you’re telling a story or writing a blog post. You want to go beyond just saying “paint the project”. Give extra tips and context: “apply paint evenly with a foam brush” or “I’m pairing these colors together because…”.

A great example of this is a Jumprope by Laura of @everydayedits about pairing navy and pewter interior paint. Laura started her Jumprope with very simple text, something like this:

Three decor Jumprope screenshots with simple descriptions, "bedrooms", "dining rooms", "living rooms"

We, as creators, can look at these images and get inspiration. But it’s our job to break that inspiration down for our viewers. Laura updated her Jumprope to be more descriptive:

Three decor Jumprope screenshots with more descriptive descriptions, "bedrooms", "dining rooms", "living rooms"

Can you feel the difference? We have descriptive words, like “moody matchup”, as well as practical ideas like pairing navy with white furniture, or using pewter in a large room. This Jumprope just got a lot more interesting!

Break Your Jumprope into Complete Steps

Organize your Jumprope into bite-size steps. Make sure to include all details a viewer needs to follow along. Taylor of @taylorannechew does a great job of this. 

Insert Your Personality into Your Jumprope

This can be through a video intro, voiceover, writing tone, or even an inviting photo of you holding your supplies like Amy from @delineateyourdwelling does here:

Feature Your Finished Project on the Cover

Use a well lit, in focus shot of your finished project as the cover photo. Check out this Jumprope for tips on styling flat lay cover images:

Don’t forget to feature your finished project in the Jumprope as well. Whether it’s demolding a resin piece, hanging a DIY decor project, or showing a repotted plant, you want to share a creative finished product shot. Taylor and Amy do a great job of this in the examples above. 

A Great Title is Just as Important as Your Cover Image

Think of your title like a blog headline. Use keywords that will help viewers find and want to click on your Jumprope. Keywords like “DIY”, “How-to”, “Easy”, “Inexpensive”, and “Best” are all great options. Don’t forget to utilize trends and holidays, like “Dollar Store Crafts”, “Disney Craft”, or “Stress-Free Thanksgiving Decor Ideas”.

More About Jumprope from Our CEO & Co-Founder

We were excited to welcome Jumprope’s very own CEO and Co-Founder, Jake Poses, to this conference to share Jumprope’s history and our vision for the future.

Learn How to Do Anything on Jumprope

Our vision for Jumprope is to be the place you go to learn how to do anything. Growing up with a younger brother with learning differences Jake often thought about how to break things down to explain them in different ways, so when building Jumprope we really thought about how people learn best and digest information. 

We empower creators to share their skills from their own craft rooms, garages, and kitchens, and also set out to solve the problem of having to reformat content for multiple platforms by allowing you to create once and share everywhere. If that wasn’t enough, we have many exciting new features on the horizon…

Jumprope screenshots showing viewing, featured creators, and tag pages

What’s new

We’ve started to really focus on the viewing experience, building much richer browsing experiences to get you the content you care about. This includes featuring creators, adding tags, and encouraging you to follow the tags you care about. Head to the app now to search & follow the tags you love!

A Future for Creators

Jumprope is a platform where you can build an engaged audience. For example, long time Jumprope creators @CraftyLumberjacks have built a great portfolio on Jumprope, and we’re seeing DIY Jumpropes starting to get thousands of views, like this Jumprope from @NedAndMimi. We know you want to monetize your passion, so in 2021 we’ll start launching ways you can earn an income creating great Jumprope content as well.

Screenshots showing Jumprope content featured in Google Web Stories on Google Discover

Our Partnership with Google

Through our partnership with Google your Jumpropes have the opportunity to be shown in Google Discover. This is just one of the ways we’re able to get creators additional exposure and build Jumprope into an even more powerful platform.

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