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How To Create Great Beauty Jumpropes

Jumprope Tips

Jumprope is a great place to create beauty tutorials and helpful guides for makeup, skincare, nails and hair content.

We’ve seen thousands of beauty Jumpropes published on the app and are here to share tips and tricks for what works best.

Choose a content idea

  • Tutorials are the main type of beauty content that we see on Jumprope. Use our step-by-step editing format to easily create makeup tutorials, hair how-to’s, nail art demos and even skincare routines
  • Roundups allow you to showcase your favorite products in a certain category whether it’s by product type, brand or price point
  • Tips are another common type of beauty Jumprope where you can teach viewers about a specific skill or technique

Get creative! We want to see your fun, bold, and out-there ideas for beauty.

Jumpropes by @nailsbymets, @kaylaboyd, @karyaschanilec, and @sarah_novio

Give us the deets

Tell us how you’re doing each step of your Jumprope so that someone who is watching can actually recreate it alongside you.

Include detailed captions about what tool you’re using. Things like how much product to pick up, tips for application, and how to get certain effects are all great things to communicate in a tutorial.

Communicate those details by:

  • Adding text in the text box
  • Adding blank cards following numbered cards to show a close up of a technique or link to another tutorial where you show a certain skill
  • Adding a voiceover to further explain what you’re doing for a viewer

Pro tip: 8-15 cards is the ideal length for a beauty Jumprope to be helpful, interesting and detailed.

Video is most engaging

Beauty Jumpropes that are mostly or all video cards are most engaging. Video allows viewers to see texture, true color, application, and more of products you’re using that simply can’t be translated as clearly through photos. 

Strong beauty content on Jumprope is helpful by really shows application techniques and teaching viewers how to replicate your look.

Shop the look

Linking products is important for someone who wants to recreate the tutorial you’re sharing! Add a new product card on Jumprope to upload products. 

Make sure to include a name (include product name, brand, and shade name if applicable), photo, and link to shop the product.

To learn exactly how to link products, check out this Jumprope.

Pro tip: Use affiliate links if you have them. This way you can generate revenue if someone wants to shop the products you used.

Create a click-worthy title

What will the viewer learn from viewing your Jumprope? Create a title using descriptive keywords that will entice someone to click through and see what your Jumprope is all about. 

Instead of: Autumn Look
Try: Burgundy Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial 

Examples of click-worthy titles:

Jumpropes shown by @krity_s, @lexybach, @taylorelizabethstyle, and @karyaschanilec

Cover photos matter

  • Cover photos should be a picture of the finished look you’ve created (a selfie for makeup, skincare and hair and a photograph of your nails for nail tutorials)
  • If you focus on one main product like a palette include that like this Jumprope by Tabby Casto that has over 25,000 views.
  • Make sure your cover photo is well lit and in focus

Things to avoid when creating beauty Jumpropes

  • Overly filtering videos
  • Photo-only beauty Jumpropes 
  • Incomplete tutorials with missing steps

Other tips to enhance your Jumpropes: 

  • Add background music to your video 
  • Customize your Jumprope with colors, fonts and animations
  • Add a link to your blog or website so that people can click through and see more of your work from your Jumprope
  • Add relevant tags to your content before you publish your Jumprope

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