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Business Planning and DIY, Home, & Craft Trends for 2021

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Each month Jumprope brings together expert DIY content creators to share their knowledge and insights at our virtual DIY Creator Conference. This month we welcomed Naomi Garcia, Marisa Morrison Stein, and Melanie Ferguson to reflect on 2020 and plan for growth in 2021.

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Plan for 2021

Whether you’ve run a business for years or are just getting started as a content creator, planning for 2021 now will set yourself up for success. Marisa Morrison Stein from The Neon Tea Party shared 8 steps for planning your year.

Note: Even if you can’t or prefer not to look ahead a full 12 months, that’s ok! Walk through this same process to get organized and set your goals, then revisit them quarterly. 

1. Prepare Your Process

Before you plan anything, decide where you’ll keep and organize this process. This could be as simple as a Google Drive folder where everything will go.

2. Brain Dump

This is the best part! Grab a snack, your computer or notebook, and let the ideas flow. Don’t try to make sense of them at this stage, just write down every idea you have.

3. Organize Your Goals

After you’ve had a day or two to reflect on your brain dump, it’s time to get organized. Categorize your goals however you’d like, could be seasonally or quarterly, and define what is most urgent.

4. Look at the Numbers

This is often the toughest part for creatives, but reviewing numbers is an incredibly important step! Review your engagement, sales, or whatever numbers reflect your business from 2020. Based on the numbers you can define goals for 2021. Document this with the rest of your planning process.

5. Schedule a Planning Meeting

Loop in anyone who is a part of your business. As a solopreneur, scheduling a meeting with someone in your life who you like to bounce ideas off of for feedback will be a helpful exercise. Send them your plan ahead of time so they will be prepared with feedback and ideas.  

6. Add to Your Calendar

Time to plan when you’ll make things happen! Add to your calendar or use your preferred project management software.

7. Establish Next Steps

Define processes to keep yourself on track, then schedule meetings with yourself quarterly to review and adjust this planning process.

8. Be Kind, This is Hard

Business and goal planning is a daunting task, so give yourself some grace. You won’t hit every goal and there will certainly be pivots to make throughout the year, but working on this process will help you succeed.

To prevent feeling overwhelmed Marisa schedules a meeting with herself every Sunday night to plan for the week ahead and only blocks time for one main project per day.

Check out The Neon Tea Party and follow Marisa on Instagram to see what her business is up to throughout 2021!

DIY Trends for 2021

As a creator it’s always a good idea to observe trends and see how they fit in with your content and aesthetic. Melanie from the DIY and decor blog Southern Crush at Home shared with us trends on the rise for 2021.

1. You Do You

2020 has been a tough year all around, but one thing that’s come from it has been people focusing on what makes themselves happy. Encourage your audience to experiment and do what makes them happy when it comes to DIY and home decor.

2. Pantone Color of the Year

Love it or hate it, Pantone’s Color of the Year always ignites discussion among designers, decorators, and creators. For 2021 they’ve selected an energetic yellow and medium gray, Illuminating and Ultimate Gray.

3. Grandmillenial

This aesthetic is still on the rise and a great way to get creative. It’s all about layering an eclectic mix of new and old while expressing your personality, while embracing classic crafts like embroidery and crochet. 

4. Upcycling

While spending more time at home people have found joy in repurposing what they already have on hand. Help your audience discover new ways to craft and decorate with readily available eco-friendly materials through craft projects, creative tutorials and unexpected home decor ideas. 

5. Gallery Walls

Gallery walls aren’t new, but they’ve been picking up steam as a great way to display artwork while being able to easily update seasonally.

6. The Cloffice

Another breakout trend from spending time at home is the cloffice (AKA: the closet office). Share with your audience how to organize theirs for functionality, or how to craft personal touches that make it a happy space.

7. Bring the Indoors Out

Inspiration to turn outdoor space into proper living space is really helpful to your audience. Get creative with ways to bring the warmth and comfort from inside your house to the outside.

8. Small Spaces & Small Crafts

People are looking for decor and crafts that won’t take up too much space.

Melanie elaborated on each of these trends and more on her blog Southern Crush At Home, and follow her on Instagram for DIY & home inspiration.

Capture Memories from 2020

All of this 2021 planning can get overwhelming, so don’t forget to reflect on the good moments from 2020 and celebrate them. Naomi Garcia of EJsFunCrafting shared with us several creative ways to repurpose a frame that goes beyond showcasing photos.

1. Preserve Children’s Artwork

Mount artwork on a layer or two of colorful paper that fit your frame. Get creative by adding a cardstock name plate with their name, just like a museum would display next to a work of art!

2. Display Meaningful Quotes

Collage layers of colorful paper with a printed quote to create a work of art that will remind you of your successes from 2020 and keep you inspired in 2021.

3. Stay Organized with a Dry Erase Calendar

Any frame can become a dry erase board with a few adjustments. Frame a solid light colored paper as the background then write on the glass with dry erase markers. Draw on a calendar grid to keep yourself organized and on track.

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