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Looking Back At 2020 And Ahead To 2021

Jumprope Tips

Jumprope’s mission to help anyone learn how to do anything was as important as ever this past year. We got through 2020 by learning to bake our own sourdough, sew (or no-sew) our own masks, workout with bottles of laundry detergent and hack our zoom backgrounds.

Even before we chose to “stay at home”, the vast majority of Jumpropes were created from kitchen counters, bathroom mirrors, backyards and garages and with just a mobile phone. This spring, creators around the world recognized they were needed more than ever— and they haven’t stopped. Nearly 10,000 creators shared their helpful, interesting and detailed knowledge on Jumprope.

More than 5 million people watched a Jumprope on either our apps or website. Many took advantage of our easy-to-follow, step-by-step format to cook, craft, workout and explore an outdoor destination.

2020 highlights

  • Top Categories: Food, DIY, Fitness, Travel and Beauty were the top 5 categories.
  • Most Viewed: How To Make Cream Cheese Holiday Mints was watched more than 325,000 times.
  • Google Feeds: We partnered with Google to bring Jumprope to Google’s Discover feed, exposing millions of new people to Jumprope’s step-by-step format on our website.
  • App Awards: Google awarded Jumprope Google Play’s Best of 2020 apps, and Apple promoted us App of the Day twice.
  • Brands: From Fortune 500s to local startups, brands used Jumprope to create engaging tutorials to inspire their audience to do more with their products.

What’s coming in 2021

  • Monetization: Creators are already making money on Jumprope via product sales, new customers and sponsored content. But in 2021, we’re excited to launch more ways for creators to earn an income sharing their knowledge.
  • Desktop: We’re releasing a desktop creation app for Macs early in 2021 to make it even faster to create on Jumprope.
  • Commerce: We’re making it easier to know exactly what you’ll need and where to buy it when you’re viewing a Jumprope.
  • Comments/Questions: Not sure exactly how to do something or just want to say thank you? We’re launching comments and questions to help you interact with creators.

Whether you’re creating multiple Jumpropes a week or turning to Jumprope as an occasional source of inspiration, thank you for being on this journey with us.

Happy Holidays,

Jake & The Jumprope Team