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7 Black Creators to Follow on Jumprope Today

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At Jumprope we strive to showcase diverse creators across our platform every day. We’re excited to bring you this feature celebrating Black History Month, including 7 talented Black creators you should follow on Jumprope today.

Meet Renz (Renee Robley) of @HomeMadeZagat

Renz creates a variety of food & beverage content, with an emphasis on sharing the diverse food of the Caribbean. You can follow along as she adapts recipes, often based on family favorites or dishes she’s had at restaurants.

“Food is such an integral part of my multicultural upbringing. I wanted to spend the time sharing as much of my Caribbean food heritage as possible. My blog focuses on highlighting the diversity of the Caribbean and the food that makes us who we are.”

We love Renz’s Jumprope content because it inspires us to cook along with her! Not only are Renz’s Caribbean recipes delicious, but she breaks them down in such an approachable way so anyone can learn exactly how to cook her Caribbean favorites. 

Checkout Renz’s blog, homemadezagat.com, and follow her @Homemadezagat on all social media platforms including Jumprope, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Meet A.V. Perkins of @avdoeswhat

DIY expert A.V. shares a wide variety of crafting content and is especially passionate about upcycling. As a digital host for HGTV Handmade along with appearances in Bustle, The Pioneer Woman, Huffington Post, Ebony and BuzzFeed, A.V. is determined to change the face of DIY.

“What began as a traditional Do-It-Yourself blog has grown into a lifestyle platform that includes crafts, upcycled furniture and pop culture. My goal is to help thrifty millennials realize ‘Life is better when you Do-It-Yourself!’”

A.V.  is also the co-creator of University of Dope, a first of its kind, thought-provoking card game that celebrates Hip hop culture.

We love A.V.’s Jumprope content because she brings her “crafterparty” energy to everything she creates by incorporating intros, helpful tips, and clear steps that make it easy and fun for viewers to join the party and follow along.

Find A.V. at avdoeswhat.com, and follow her @avdoeswhat on all social media platforms including Jumprope, Instagram, Clubhouse, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest.

Meet Eboni Morgan of @ebonicurlsblog

Eboni created the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brand Eboni Curls for contemporary women in pursuit of their best self. She tells stories through content creation and is proud of her platform where Black women and women of color learn how to cultivate their best lives inside and out through their day-to-day routines.

“Quite often, the voices of Black creators are hidden and getting the opportunity to create and follow my own agenda on fashion, beauty and lifestyle is exciting. I’m extremely passionate about creating content that is not only eye-catching, but communicates a positive message. I also try to create content that depicts Black people exactly the way I view us—as beautiful.”

We love Eboni’s Jumprope content because you’ll find fashion inspiration no matter what you like to wear. From quarantine chic outfit ideas to 10 ways to style leather pants, her fashion Jumpropes are sure to spark some fresh style ideas and have you looking at your closet in a whole new way.

Check out Eboni’s blog at ebonicurls.ca and follow her @ebonicurlsblog on Jumprope, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Meet China Bell of @chinabell

Originally from Harlem, China grew up surrounded by creativity. She creates a wide variety of beauty content including everything from simple everyday tips to creative makeup like her strawberry lemonade look below.

“My family noticed my interest in the fashion and beauty world and suggested that I enroll in Barbizon Modeling School. It was there that I was handed my very first set of makeup brushes and supplies. Little did I know that would spark my career path.”

We love China’s Jumprope content because her expertise as a makeup artist shines through and helps women branch from beyond their everyday makeup bags. China encourages her viewers to try a little something extra or to go bold the next time they attempt a new makeup look and is there to guide them each step of the way.

Follow China @chinabell on Jumprope and Instagram.

Meet Kayla Boyd of @kaylaboyd

Kayla is a NYC-based digital content creator and shopping editor at BuzzFeed. She’s been blogging for almost seven years about streetwear, body positivity, daily life, and travel. As someone who writes about shopping for a living, she loves to share products with her audience, especially when it comes to sneakers, cool Black-owned businesses, curly hair tips, and home decor.

“My main area of focus is body positivity and fashion. As a plus-size woman, I know the struggles of not being able to find stylish clothes in your size—or being made to feel like you don’t deserve to be fashionable or desirable because of your size…I want women to feel empowered to express themselves, have confidence, and feel good at any size.”

We love Kayla’s Jumprope content because Kayla’s bubbly personality shines through in every Jumprope she creates and she has no shortage of streetwear-inspired and fun style ideas to make women feel beautiful and confident every day when they get dressed.

Check out Kayla’s blog, kaylaschaos.com, and follow her on Jumprope, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Meet Brittany Noelle of @b_noellefitness

Brittany is an online personal trainer & nutrition coach. Brittany has been on Jumprope since the beginning, creating her first piece of fitness content on the app in early 2019! Her content includes everything from simple at-home workout routines, to strength training, to creative workouts like her Quidditch Jumprope below.

“I create fitness content to help people live healthier lifestyles and move better.”

We love Brittany’s Jumprope content because she establishes a real connection with her audience by always introducing herself and recording voice overs. She is consistently creative and makes her audience feel like they really know her.

Find Brittany at brittanynoelle.com and follow her on Jumprope, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Meet Tanya Taylor of @TravelsAndTreasures

Tanya is a Chicago area native passionate about sharing travel and food experiences, including tips and reviews about the Windy City. She shares this content along with family-friendly destination guides and resources on her blog. On occasion she’ll even create a “Taste Of” tutorial, sharing how to make a dish that originated in a specific country.

 “My goal is to give inspiration and tips that help you pursue your wanderlusts and adventures!”

We love Tanya’s Jumprope content because Tanya looks at travel content through the lens of food and culture and loves to help her viewers and readers by sharing the best spots to experience a city to get the full local experience with top-notch recommendations.

Find Tanya at travelsandtreasures.com and follow her on Jumprope, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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