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6 Ways Successful Food Bloggers Use Jumprope

Jumprope Tips

Food is the largest category on Jumprope, made up of thousands of recipes, kitchen skills, roundups, and more. Successful food bloggers are benefitting by creating and sharing engaging content that is getting discovered. Read more to learn exactly how they are:

  • Easily creating engaging content
  • Sharing Jumpropes to their blogs
  • Gaining exposure on Google Discover
  • Monetizing with affiliate links and brand partnerships
  • Repurposing content to share across all platforms

1. Easily Create Engaging Content

Jumprope makes it simple to create video content for:

  • Recipes
  • Kitchen Skills
  • Recipe Roundups
  • Cooking Tips 

Our card-based editing template enables you to minimize editing time and instead focus on creating. Rebecca of @the.practical.kitchen creates professional yet approachable step-by-step recipes and tutorials on Jumprope. 


2. Share Jumprope On Your Blog

Food bloggers are adding a Jumprope embed to their blog posts using our custom HTML code or WordPress plugin. They add either the Blog Embed or the Player Embed.

Increase reader engagement and time spent on your posts with our Blog Embed, like Meg of @moremomma. This breaks your Jumprope into engaging GIFs the viewer can scroll through.

Or utilize the Player Embed, like Farah of @everylittlecrumb. This adds an interactive stories player on your blog that viewers can tap through at their own pace. If you have a voiceover or necessary sound in your Jumprope, this is the best option for you.

If you publish your Jumprope in our Food category, the embeds include Google’s recipe markup which gives you the opportunity to show up in Google mobile search results with a rich snippet. 

If you are using our WordPress plugin and already use a recipe card, you do not need to check the box in our plugin to add the recipe markup again. Your recipe card should already include recipe markup.

3. Upload Our YouTube Download to Your Ad Network’s Media Player

When you publish with Jumprope you’ll receive 15+ formats, including a horizontal YouTube video. Food bloggers upload that video to their ad network’s media player to monetize video on their blog and benefit from high RPMs, like Mediavine recommends here

Karen of @365dayscrockpot does this on each post in addition to the blog embed above.

screenshot of 365 days of crockpot Ad Network Player
Jumprope’s ‘Youtube’ download, uploaded to Karen’s ad network video player.

4. Gain Exposure Through Google Discover

We’ve partnered with Google so millions of viewers can view Jumpropes every day in their Google Discover feed on Android and iPhone. Food content continues to perform well in our app and on Google Discover.

When you create high quality content on Jumprope, we create a URL for you that is automatically indexed for Google Web Stories. No need to upload anything extra or host additional video on your site. Read our Guide to Google Web Stories for more detail.

Many helpful and detailed Jumpropes are seeing views in the thousands, like this Easy French Bread recipe by Carole of @thecarolejones


5. Monetize with Product Affiliate Links 

Food Bloggers are monetizing their content by linking products within a Jumprope. Our shoppable platform allows you to link products to drive affiliate traffic, making it easy to work with brands like Sara of @afoodloverslife. Bloggers are also adding a Creator Shop on their Jumprope profile like Alexis of @fancyapron.

Jumprope Creator Shop

Lauren of @HughEatsWithYou shares her favorite baking and cooking tools to monetize her blog.


Your Jumprope Product Links are shoppable in the following places:

  • Jumprope app
  • Jumprope.com
  • Google Discover
  • Blog and Player embed

6. Repurpose Content to Share Everywhere

With over 15 download formats available in Jumprope, bloggers are able to create once and share across all of their favorite platforms. Lauren of @deliciouslittlebites creates on Jumprope first, then makes the most of her content by sharing her various downloads to multiple platforms.

Check out her Pinterest, where she shares our Video Pins to boards and our Stories download to Story Pins!

Jumprope downloads screen

Access all of your 15+ downloads by tapping on a published Jumprope, then tapping Share and save videos.

Try repurposing your content by importing an existing YouTube video, TikTok, or IG stories into Jumprope. Edit and publish it on Jumprope, then you’ll automatically receive 15+ pre-formatted downloads to share everywhere.

Ready to make the most of Jumprope’s platform? Download the app now and check out this Jumprope for getting started.