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6 Ways DIY, Decor, and Craft Creators Thrive on Jumprope

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Successful DIY bloggers, content creators, and makers are leveraging Jumprope for their businesses. 

Whether you’re sharing craft projects, art tutorials, decor ideas, or home renovations, Jumprope gives you the ability to build an audience, expand your reach, and inspire others by:

  • Easily creating engaging video content (even just by incorporating process photos!)
  • Repurposing content to share across all platforms
  • Monetizing with affiliate links and brand partnerships
  • Gaining exposure on Google Discover
  • Sharing Jumpropes to their blogs

1. Easily Create Engaging Content

Jumprope makes it easier than you can imagine to create video content for:

  • Full tutorials for craft projects, furniture flips, and DIY decor
  • Individual skills like painting techniques, embroidery stitches, and organization hacks
  • Roundups of tips for room renovations, home entertaining, and learning a new craft
  • Shopping guides to show off your handmade products, printables, and patterns

Ellen of @BellewoodCottage creates helpful craft and decor DIYs on Jumprope, like this scrunchie sewing tutorial.

2. Repurpose Content to Share Everywhere

With over 15 downloadable formats available in Jumprope, you are able to create once and share across all of your favorite social media platforms. Jennifer of @fiberflux always makes the most of their content by sharing to multiple platforms.

Check out their Jumprope shared to IGTV, TikTok, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Try repurposing content you already have by importing existing YouTube video or Instagram stories, to edit in Jumprope. Once you publish you will instantly have access to these formats and more to share everywhere!

3. Monetize by Incorporating Product Links 

Creators are monetizing their content by linking products on Jumprope. Our shoppable platform allows you to link your own products and/or affiliate links, making it easy to promote your own shops and work with brands. Misty of @mdleonarddesigns is able to monetize her content by incorporating affiliate links for the supplies she uses.

Your Jumprope product links are shoppable in the following places:

  • Jumprope app
  • Jumprope.com
  • Google Discover
  • Blog and Player embed

4. Gain Exposure Through Google Discover

We’ve partnered with Google so millions of viewers can view Jumpropes every day in their Google Discover feed on Android and iPhone. Jumpropes that are helpful and detailed with a descriptive title are performing the best, like this mask tutorial from Dana of @createtodonate.

When you create high quality content on Jumprope you’re automatically indexed for Google Web Stories—no need to upload anything extra or host additional video on your site.

5. Share Jumprope on Your Blog

DIY bloggers are using our custom HTML or WordPress plugin to add a Jumprope embed to their blog.
Increase reader engagement and time spent on your posts with our blog embed, like Ashley of @BiggerThanTheThreeOfUs. This breaks your Jumprope into engaging GIFs the viewer can scroll through.

Or utilize the player embed, like Elizabeth of @CountryPeony. This incorporates an interactive stories player on your blog that viewers can tap through at their own pace. If you have a voiceover or necessary sound in your Jumprope, this is the best option for you.

Both embeds include Google’s how-to markup, which gives you the opportunity to show up in Google mobile search results with a rich snippet. A rich snippet includes text and images, increasing the real estate of your search result and enticing viewers to click through to your blog.

6. Upload Our YouTube Format to Your Ad Network’s Media Player

When you create with Jumprope you’ll receive 15+ formats, including a horizontal format. Bloggers upload that to their ad network’s media player to monetize video on their blog, like Mediavine recommends here. Even if you only have process photos, this is an easy way to repurpose photos into video and benefit from those high RPMs!

Ruth of @CraftCartwright includes our horizontal format on her blog to share interesting watercolor techniques.

Ready to make the most of Jumprope’s platform? Download the app now and check out this Jumprope for getting started.

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