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How To Create Great Fashion Jumpropes

Jumprope Tips

We’ve seen hundreds of fashion Jumpropes, and today we are sharing our best practices for how to create successful fashion content on the app.

1. Choose a content idea

Some of the most popular fashion content ideas are:

  • Outfit ideas — share outfits for a season, occasion, or current trend 
  • Ways to style — choose one hero item and show multiple ways to style it
  • Fashion tips and hacks — from how to properly tuck your sweater in, to uses for fashion tape you’ve never thought of, break down your best style hacks and tips for getting dressed
  • Shopping guides — share your current favorite finds from a particular store, type of item, or your current favorite pieces 
  • Fashion tutorials — show us a tutorial creating or updating an item of clothing, such as sewing a scrunchie, hemming a pair of pants, or ironing on patches to a denim jacket 

Get creative! We want to see your out-there outfits and personality shine through as you create on Jumprope.

2. Give us the deets

Add details to each card of your Jumprope to provide additional info like styling tips, brand names, shopping advice and more.

You can communicate these details by:

  • Writing helpful text on each card
  • Incorporating blank cards following numbered cards to show extra details or additional tips
  • Adding details like the exact product name, brand, and size to tagged products
  • Using voiceover to further explain what you’re showing in your Jumprope

Pro tip: 8-15 cards is the ideal length for fashion Jumpropes

3. Video is most engaging 

Video content allows viewers to see fabric texture and movement of the pieces you’re wearing that simply can’t be translated as clearly through photos.

To really make your Jumprope engaging, try showing outfits from far away so a viewer can see the full look from head to toe and also add clips of the outfits close up so it’s easy to see the details of the piece.

Fashion creator Natasha Mortensen does a great job of this in this Jumprope where she shows far away shots as well as close up videos of her outfits in each card of her Jumprope.

4. Shop the look

Linking products is important for someone to shop your style. Make sure to include a name and display name, photo, and a link to each item.

Pro tip: use affiliate links if you have them to generate revenue from potential sales.

For a complete walk through of how to tag products on Jumprope, watch this.

5. Create a click-worthy title

Create a title using descriptive keywords that will entice someone to click through and watch your Jumprope. Identifying seasons, price point, and store names in the title can also help your content get discovered.

Instead of: Shopping Tips 
Try: Best Tips for Vintage Shopping

Examples of click-worthy titles:

  • Knitwear Inspired by Harry Styles
  • Outfits Inspired by Zodiac Water Signs
  • How To Wear the Pantone 2021 Colors of The Year
  • Recreating Princess Diana’s Outfits
  • How To Faux “Crop” a Bulky Tee
  • Style Your Jewelry Like a Blogger

6. Add a great cover photo or video

Your cover should be a photo or video of you modeling one of the outfits you’re showing in your Jumprope. If you focus on one main product like a pair of jeans, a leather jacket, or another hero piece, it should be included in your cover photo. 

Make sure the image is well-lit and in focus so viewers know what your Jumprope will be about when they click on it.

Things to avoid when creating fashion Jumpropes: 

  • Overly filtering videos
  • Incomplete tutorials with missing steps

Other tips to enhance your Jumpropes:

  • Add background music
  • Customize your Jumprope with colors and fonts that match your brand
  • Add a link to your blog to each Jumprope
  • Add relevant tags to help your content get discovered 
  • Show your personality!

Ready to make the most of Jumprope’s platform? Download the app now and check out this Jumprope for getting started.

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