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Set Up Shop: Best Practices for Jumprope Products & Creator Shops

Jumprope Tips

You can link directly to physical and digital products on Jumprope. This is an incredible opportunity to grow your business, monetize with affiliate revenue, or drive traffic to your own products! 

There are three places to include products on Jumprope:

  1. Add products to any card of a Jumprope
  2. Include a Product List in a Jumprope
  3. Set up a Creator Shop

In this post we’ll cover recommendations & best practices to set yourself up for success, generating passive revenue from affiliates and your own products on Jumprope.

Not familiar with our products and shop features? Check out this Jumprope first:

1. Add Products to Any Card of Your Jumprope

Adding products to any card of your Jumprope allows viewers to shop as they watch. 

There are two ways to add products to any card. Tag a product with underlined text to show it in action, like in this breakfast Jumprope by @inthekitch:

Or feature one product on a card with a buy button to create a shopping guide or showcase an important product, like @austentosone does here for 7 Ways to Style Black Skinny Jeans:


  • Tag any affiliate products used on that card, like an eyeshadow palette or cooking utensil 
  • Tag your own products used, like a crochet pattern or craft kit
  • Tag free downloads, like a sewing pattern or kids educational printable
  • Include quantities and units when applicable, especially for a recipe Jumprope
  • Add a link to your product so viewers can click to buy or download


  • Tag blog posts 
  • Tag other social media platforms
  • Tag tutorials or recipes on other platforms (for example, tagging a YouTube video)
  • Tag products that are not related to that card of your Jumprope

Instead of using products to share other tutorials, try our linked Jumprope feature to link directly to your helpful kitchen skills, beauty basics, or craft techniques.

2. Include a Product List in Your Jumprope

Tagging products throughout your Jumprope will automatically include them on your Product List card, so most of the work is done for you! The Product List is an opportunity to add additional products if needed.


  • Add additional products needed to complete your Jumprope, like a specific baking pan, paint brush set, or foundation

Tip: Include a handmade product you just showed how to make. 

For example, @the_wandering_feather published a tutorial for how to make a wine set. In addition to all the products needed to create the wine set, she includes a link to her Etsy listing in the Product List for viewers who prefer to purchase the finished product! This is a great way to show your customers the detailed creative process required to make beautiful handmade items.


  • Add tutorials or recipes on other platforms (like blog posts or YouTube videos)
  • Add products that are not related to the Jumprope

Your audience appreciates related products, making it easier for them to learn and shop. When unrelated products are included it creates confusion for the viewer. If you’d like to link to a blog post from your Jumprope, check out this tutorial.

3. Set up Your Creator Shop

Creator Shops are your opportunity to set up a storefront on your Jumprope profile. Anyone on Jumprope can set up a Creator Shop! You can share your shop URL (jumprope.com/shop/yourusername) with anyone, even if they are not on Jumprope.

We automatically link Featured Jumpropes beneath each product so viewers can easily see the product in action, like in @fancyapron’s shop below. This is extremely important now that most consumers watch a video about a product before making a purchase. You can also add products to your Creator Shop even if they are not included in any of your Jumpropes.


  • Include products viewers can buy or download
  • Create Jumpropes featuring these products so viewers can see your products in action
  • Include products that might not have made sense in an individual Jumprope, but would be helpful to viewers in your shop, like a cookbook, ebook, workshop, or finished handmade item


  • Include blog posts 
  • Include tutorials or recipes on other platforms (like a YouTube video)

Following these do’s, don’ts, and tips is a great way to monetize your content and succeed on Jumprope.

Have you already tried these exciting products and Creator Shop features? We’d love to hear what you think! DM us on Instagram or contact our help desk in the app to share feedback and suggestions.

Get Inspired by These Products & Shop Examples


Lauren of @hugheatswithyou tags ingredients and kitchen tools throughout her Matcha Green Tea Sugar Cookies Jumprope.

Maria of @imapampchef stocked her shop with a ton of products linked to her Jumpropes.

Jenna of @theurbenlife includes her ebook alongside her most used products and ingredients.

DIY, Home & Garden:

Crystal of @christacodesign tags products so her viewers know exactly what yarn and crochet hook they need.

Jennifer of @fiberflux curated her Creator Shop to fit her style, featuring colorful and helpful fiber art supplies.

Gadis of @madebymutiara showcases a variety of art and lettering supplies linked to her Jumprope tutorials.

Beauty & Fashion:

Alex of @HeylamAlexandria tags beauty products throughout her makeup tutorials to help her viewers and earn affiliate revenue when they purchase.

@tabby includes her own products and affiliate products in her shop.

@krity_s includes affiliate links to her favorite beauty products.

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