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9 API Creators You Should Be Following on Jumprope


Photos of female API creators, Steph, Rona, Gadis, Jane, Juri, Jennifer, Mish, Mis, Sammy, Amy and Phenie.

At Jumprope we strive to showcase diverse creators across our platform every day. We’re excited to feature these 9 talented API creators from around the world in honor of Asian American Pacific Islander Month.

Meet Mia of @MiaJumprope

Mia is located in the United Kingdom and is the ultimate Jumproper. By that we mean, Mia literally creates Jumropes on Jumproping. It’s almost like Jump-ception. On her page you can find a variety of skill breakdowns and workout videos. We love how Mia simplifies some of the more complicated techniques in her videos by using the app’s features to slow down her footage or zoom in for a close up. She also uses our linked product feature so her followers can easily find the exact gear she uses in her tutorials.

“I LOVE skipping, I hope that some of my content helps others! And I also love the app!!”

Mia stands with her hair pulled into a tight bun in front of a window, wearing a pink windbreaker.

Check out this Jumprope: 3 Exercise Heavy Rope Workout 🔋

Make sure to follow Mia @MiaJumprope on our app and also on TikTok and Instagram!

Meet Gadis Mutiara of @madebymutiara

Close up of Gadis Mutiara in a black hoodie.

Gadis is a creative calligrapher who loves lettering with all colours and mediums from watercolour to chalk markers. Since 2016, she started lettering as a hobby when working as a teacher full-time but now works as a content creator with a small business for hand-lettered goods. She loves making lettering videos on social media, and hopes to inspire others to find the joy in lettering as well. 

“I love making lettering and watercolor tutorial videos because I’d love to show how everyone can learn it even if they’re a total beginner. I understand the struggle of picking up a new skill and being lousy at it, so I hope to show that with practice, anyone can become better at their craft.” 

Make sure to follow Gadis on Jumprope @madebymutiara or on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

Meet Juri of @chefjacooks

Close up of Juri with a closed smile, hair pulled back and wearing a purple sweater.

Juri is one of our fabulous food creators. She lives in Japan and is the mother of two energetic children. She is passionate about making healthy meals for her family, so many of her dishes are plant-based (vegan/vegetarian).  Her goal is to create delicious Japanese home cooking recipes that are simple and easy to remember. We love her content because it is always beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve ever been interested in making Japanese food at home, Juri’s page is the perfect place to start.

Make sure to follow Juri on Jumprope @chefjacooks for more recipes! You can also find her on Pinterest and Instagram using the same handle, or on her blog.

Meet Jane Ko of @atasteofkoko

Jane Ko against a bright yellow backdrop, with her left hand in her curled hair. She is wearing a frilled red dress.

Jane is your go-to food and travel blogger for all of the hottest restaurants and weekend getaways in Austin, Texas. She is the epitome of what every local travel blogger should be. Using our app, she easily guides you through every hidden gem her city has to offer. She even has a pocket sized guide to Austin that you can purchase locally or on Amazon. Even though Austin is her specialty, you can find content from some of her other travels as well as a recipe tutorial thrown in every now and then.

Make sure to follow Jane at @atasteofkoko on Jumprope, Instagram and don’t forget to check out her blog!

Meet Jennifer Chang of @jenmakesup

Close up of Jennifer Chang with detailed, spotted blue eye makeup, thick winger eye liner and long false lashes.

Jennifer is a full-time engineer and part-time beauty content creator based in Minneapolis, MN. She specializes in tutorials and reviews on all things makeup, skin and hair. Jennifer is passionate about creating high quality content that is helpful, informative and accessible to everyone. We love Jen’s page not only because it is always colorful and super detailed, but she also utilizes our shop feature that she has stocked with makeup, cleansers and other favorite products used in her Jumpropes.

“Having easy-to-follow tutorials and honest reviews help others make the most of their time and products!”

Make sure to follow Jennifer @jenmakeup on Jumprope as well as Instagram and YouTube!

Meet Rona Aquino of @yogawithrona

Rona Aquino stands in a white shirt with her hair down, up against a leafy vine.

Rona is a certified yoga teacher who started practicing in 2012. She loves to learn and spread awareness on all things yoga and overall wellness. She believes that the most important thing yoga can teach us is to trust ourselves. We also love that Rona creates a super consistent look with her content using Jumprope’s customizable Style feature.

“I create yoga tutorials and yoga inspired workouts. I just love doing this every day and that’s where the passion comes from, in truly enjoying the process, all the ups and downs.”

Check out Rona’s personal favorite Jumprope here and make sure to follow her @yogawithrona on our app, Instagram or on her blog.

Meet Mish of @theplantvisual

Mish holding a green and white flecked plant.

Mish considers herself the “San Francisco Bay Area plant lady”, and rightly so! She loves styling and creating a green cozy home as well as creating fun and easy DIY videos. Her goal is always to create videos that anyone can follow along with. Within her content you can find plant-related DIY and styling, as well as a mix of her passion for interior decor and design.

“I’m currently obsessed with Hoya plants but my heart will always have a soft spot for pothos and philodendrons.” 

Make sure to follow Mish on Jumprope @theplantvisual or by the same handle on Instagram.

Meet Steph Morey of @justeph

Stephanie Morey in a black and maroon snake skin work outfit in a gym.

During her office lunch breaks, Stephanie would send mass text messages to her co-workers to meet in the work gym. She spent her break hours writing group workouts and creating trademark music playlists. After eight years in the e-commerce industry, Stephanie left her desk job behind for the fitness world. She was drawn to the feeling of being a part of a community and building strong friendships. Stephanie is like a drill sergeant wearing a cheerleading uniform, her number one goal is to make your experience as fun as it can be!

“I create Fitness content, specifically High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Circuit Training styles. I love getting my heart rate up with a cardio exercise to then a controlled movement. These types of training styles keep you on your toes!”

Check out Stephanie’s personal favorite here and make sure to follow @justeph on Jumprope and Instagram!

Meet Amy, Phen and Sammy of @thedevilwearssalad

Amy, Phenie and Sammy all wearing white shirts and black aprons, smiling in a kitchen with a black tile wall.

Amy, Phenie and Sammy run The Devil Wears Salad out of Australia. Their concept is a salad recipe website dedicated to creating delicious and stunning salads. They bring the humble salad to the forefront of the dinner table and show people that you can win friends with salad, and that it’s not just a plate of leaves! Their goal is to make their account the go-to place for damn good salads. They create and publish weekly salad recipes, dressings and ingredient pairings on their website, each and every one showing off great seasonal produce and complementing products. The content shared includes full step-by-step recipes, photos and videos.  

“Salads have always been our thing amongst friends and we wanted to share this with a wider audience. Our recipes reflect very much our upbringing, Asian heritage and all the wonderful places we have lived and visited.”

They are passionate about making humble ingredients look spectacular, creating salads that have that wow factor and make the most of local produce. 

You can find @thedevilwearssalad on Jumprope as well as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and their blog.

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