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Reinvent your Craft Content: An Interview with Blogger Gina Knuppenburg

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Gina, the maker behind the creative lifestyle blog Desperately Seeking Gina, shares how Jumprope helped reinvent her craft content and made creating video fun again.

Before we dig into Jumprope, can you tell me a little more about you and your blog?

I’ve been blogging since 2006, but at that time my blog was Desperately Seeking Tom. There was only one post and the goal was to find Tom, someone I met in a chatroom!

Eventually I decided I wanted my own blog and changed it to Desperately Seeking Gina. I documented my European travels before evolving it into the creative living blog it is today. After I started to focus on crafts, a local news producer even found me and I had a regular Saturday segment for our local news station!

Tom eventually did find my blog. We dated long distance, relocated, and he proposed at a blogger conference in front of 100 of my blogger friends.  

What made you want to start creating video content?

I’ve always wanted to do more video. Especially as a virtual assistant, video is something I wanted to offer my clients. Programs like Premiere pro were more than I needed. Jumprope gives me an easy way to edit. I love the trim and adjust tools. I really see myself using Jumprope more than anything else moving forward.

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

First, take a lot of footage. The more you film, the more possibilities. Take enough video so you can keep repurposing it 2 years down the line.

Second, stage out your steps and supplies before you film. Having your stuff ready before you start to film is a huge help. I learned this while on set for my Saturday morning craft segments with KATV.

Where do you like to share your Jumpropes?

First I use the blog embed. Writing a blog post is so much easier once the Jumprope is already there. (Editor’s note: Gina uses Jumprope’s WordPress plugin, check it out in action here on her blog).

I share to IGTV, and have even edited down my TikTok download to share to Instagram Reels. I also share them on YouTube. I haven’t been able to focus on YouTube so it’s convenient to have Jumprope content I can put there.

Wherever I share my content, I always make sure it’s helpful, entertaining, and inspiring.

What’s your filming setup like?

I usually film on my iPhone or iPad. I have a small craft room that I film in, sometimes Tom is even in there helping to film certain angles. I have 5 or 6 backdrops that I use and an old lighting kit I bought on Amazon. 

When it’s nice out I move my setup out to our large covered deck so I can film in natural light, which I love.

What is your process like for planning a new video? 

In the writing world you’re a “pantster” if you fly by the seat of your pants. I’m a craft pantster. That’s just how I am and will probably always be my flow.

I always think about my content as something I could use for years to come. I film and photograph multiple angles and extra footage so I can repurpose it 3 months, 6 months, 1 year down the line. That’s what I really like about Jumprope, all of the different formats make it so easy to repurpose.

Favorite Jumprope you’ve created?

Final thoughts about Jumprope? 

If anyone is in a creative rut they should try Jumprope to reinvent their content. I was in a rut and Jumprope got me inspired to keep creating. I’m seeing my old content in a new exciting way, and I think Jumprope gets 99% of the credit for that.

I love to do this. I love video editing now. I love making things just for the sake of filming and editing it. This app has made me realize this is what I want to keep doing!

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