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Stop Getting Overwhelmed by Video Content: An Interview with DIY Blogger Amy Weir

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We sat down with Amy of @delineateyourdwelling to hear about her journey into creating video content for her blog.

First things first, tell me a little more about you and your blog

I’ve been blogging for about 8 years. I started as a landscape architect because I love combining plants and design. When I had my two kiddos it was important to be home while they were young. Just because I wasn’t in a design office didn’t mean my creativity stopped, I had more ideas than ever before. I opened an Etsy shop and that transitioned into my blog, Delineate Your Dwelling

My intention was to help and encourage other women, with the goal to grow this into a business I could pursue full time—which it is today. I focus on making your home feel comfortable and feel like you, through inexpensive and creative ways.

What made you want to start creating video content?

I knew video was the way things were going. I was seeing short video content everywhere and saw myself starting to get behind.

What was your video experience before using Jumprope?

For 2 years prior to using Jumprope my yearly goal was to try video. I didn’t do any that first year. The second year I tried a few but my first videos didn’t do that great. I was just overwhelmed by the whole process, to the point where I just didn’t do it.

(Editor’s note: at the time of this post, Amy has published 55 Jumpropes in less than a year!)

What’s your top tip for bloggers who are hesitant to start creating video content?

Just start. Filming yourself doing a time lapse is an easy way to dip your toes into video. Get over the fear of needing it to be fancy with cool transitions, just start where you can. For me this was just setting up my tripod and tapping start time lapse. Then I at least had something to work with. 

Where do you share your Jumprope downloads?

I use the horizontal “YouTube” download in my Mediavine player on my blog, and I use the blog embed format from Jumprope’s WordPress Plugin.

I also use Jumprope downloads on YouTube, IGTV, IG Stories, and Story Pins. For Story Pins I don’t use the full Jumprope, because I’m trying to tease it on Pinterest, so I use part of it.

How has your audience responded to you sharing more video content?

People have commented that they love the blog embed, the step by step video is pretty unique and sets me apart. Everyone is like “wait, how are you doing that?”.

What’s your filming setup like?

For smaller crafts I usually film on the floor with a piece of white foam core as the background. I use natural light and sometimes supplement with an umbrella light if I need it for shadows. I use my phone to film in an overhead tripod.

If I’m doing something larger scale, like painting the wall, I have the same setup but I point my camera at the wall instead of overhead.

What’s your process like for filming video?

I used to film an entire project from start to finish in time lapse mode. 

Since I’ve become more comfortable I think more about fun transitions or interesting shots. I’m thinking more about what will be entertaining to watch while someone is learning the project. Something simple like a boomerang of supplies falling to the ground, or a zoom in to show supplies, just trying to make it more interesting in addition to showing step by step how to do things.

Do you have a favorite Jumprope you’ve created?

I really enjoyed the wooden candlestick holder project. It was fun to film and bring into Jumprope. I used the Life Lapse app for the stop motion effect. (Editor’s note: Android users have access to stop motion effects now in Jumprope!)

I also still really love the arch accent wall I made a while ago.

Final thoughts about Jumprope? 

Every time I talk to someone about creating video I point them to Jumprope. I’m such a huge fan! You’ve taken out the scary factor and given me freedom to create video in an easy and approachable way. I can create videos I’m really proud of that don’t take that much time. 

It’s like a one-stop shop where you can create a video and use it in so many places. I feel like that is just such a gift to busy makers!

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