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DIY Creator Conference Recap: Define Your Purpose & Grow an Engaged Audience

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Each month we bring together expert creators to share their knowledge at our DIY Creator Conference. June’s conference brought together a diverse set of topics including: 

  • How to grow an engaged audience with Gadis Mutiara
  • How to get reinspired to create video with Gina Knuppenburg
  • How to define your purpose with Quinn Tempest

Creative Calligrapher Gadis Mutiara Shares Top Tips for Growing an Engaged Audience

Gadis is a creative calligrapher who goes above and beyond with her content, always thinking about ways to provide her audience with something unique, like lettering with unexpected materials. She has an engaged Instagram audience of over 20k followers and has started to go beyond lettering by sharing social media tips on YouTube as well. 

Gadis shared her top 3 tips for growing an engaged audience…

1. Share Your Personal Story

It’s not always easy to share about yourself on social media, but you can start where you are most comfortable. Maybe that means starting by sharing about your home or your pets instead of sharing your face, and that’s ok!

Some things you could share are:

  • Your personal journey or experiences. Bonus points for including animals and pets.
  • Behind the scenes. Your audience will love getting to see your workspace and projects in progress.
  • Milestones and testimonials. Gadis even celebrated her first 100 subscribers on YouTube which can help your early audience feel special.

2. Create Video Content

Video will always perform better than a static image on any platform, so video will help you grow your audience anywhere. Here are a few things to consider when creating video content:

  • Pay attention to trends in your niche, because each niche will be different.
  • Done is better than perfect. Getting started, sharing videos, and testing what works is going to help you grow.
  • Ask for feedback to help you improve. Gadis asks her husband to tell her when in the video he starts to get bored. This helps her know when to edit down.
  • Save time by batch filming. Film as many videos as possible all at once then edit throughout the week.

3. Engage With Your Audience

Remember, this is “social” media after all. You are going to be more fulfilled by having sincere interactions.

  • Don’t wait for others to engage with you. Take the first step and interact with other creators, especially creators who are at your same level. 
  • Be sincere and supportive. Gadis makes sure to engage with other artists who might just be starting out so she can lend support and advice. 

Gadis has a ton of great experiences to share that you’ll find in our interview with her here. Be sure to follow Gadis on Jumprope, Instagram, and YouTube.

Get Inspired to Create Video with Gina Knuppenburg 

Gina is an all around crafter, sewist, jewelry maker, writer, and has been blogging in one way or another since 2006. After finding herself in a bit of a creative rut, Jumprope inspired her to create & edit video in a new way, and she’s now published over 20 Jumpropes just this year!

Gina shared her personal creator journey including a regular TV segment and why she creates video content today. 

Crafting on TV

You never know who is looking at your content. This was true for Gina when her local news anchor found her through a local blogging group and reached out about doing a DIY segment.

Even without feeling super comfortable in front of the camera, Gina took this opportunity and taught a fall home decor craft on live television one Saturday morning! The station loved the segment so much they invited her back for a regular monthly segment. 

Gina had creative freedom over what projects to make, so she evaluated comments on her Instagram and blog to determine that this audience was most interested in kids crafts. She pivoted away from home decor and ran with kids crafts for a successful segment.

Getting Inspired After a Creative Rut

Gina knew video content was important to help her grow, but hadn’t been prioritizing it. After finding herself in a blogging rut she started to evaluate what she wanted to do, and along came Jumprope.

Gina started by repurposing existing content. Sometimes she was able to repurpose photos, other times she refilmed a project to update it into a Jumprope. Both ways were much easier than brainstorming new projects entirely!

Having all of the downloads from Jumprope really allowed Gina to see her content in a whole new way, and even get inspired to start creating new content again.

Learn more about Gina, including her filming set up and tips for getting started, in our earlier interview. Don’t forget to check out her blog and follow her on Jumprope and Instagram.

Business Mentor Quinn Tempest Shares Expert Advice on Defining Your Purpose as a Creator and Entrepreneur

Quinn helps women create more purpose and profit in their business without burning out. She’s the founder of Create Your Purpose®, a community of global entrepreneurs dedicated to building impactful businesses (and lives) with intention. 

Quinn helped us understand why defining your purpose is important along with tips on how to define yours.

You Can Do Anything, But You Can Not Do Everything

Quinn recognizes that the creative entrepreneurial space is filled with phrases like “you can have it all” and “you can do anything”, but it’s important to recognize this can lead to feeling overwhelmed and frazzled. During the conference our chat lit up with creators in agreement!

Doing less doesn’t necessarily make entrepreneurship easy, but it does make it easier. By defining your purpose you give yourself a little more ease in your day by focusing on what is important and getting rid of the things that drain you.

What Is A Purpose?

Your purpose is not “found”. It’s not just going to jump out and bonk you on the head. You can define your own purpose then start creating it.

Purpose is also not what you do. For example, as a designer your purpose is not “to be a designer”. Your purpose is your emotional drive, which as a designer might be bringing people’s ideas to life or helping people build their businesses.

Purpose is not static, it’s a more broad personal “why” that can be expressed in different ways through business, personal life, volunteer work, and more.

The goal of purpose is to give you a guiding intention to move in the direction of your dreams.

How Do You Define Your Purpose?

Quinn has a 4 step framework to help you define your purpose. This includes clarify, strategize, build, and align. 

To get you started in this process Quinn shared one key prompt to help you clarify:

“What is one key experience that has shaped me and why?”

This can be a positive or negative experience. For Quinn it’s actually a negative experience where she burnt out at a job so severely that she ended up in the hospital. It was a formative experience where she was able to learn some lessons and key things about her that have since shaped her life.

Take Quinn’s Define Your Purpose Quiz

Quinn has created a light-hearted quiz that can be a stress free way to help you explore your own purpose. Take her quiz to find out which of these 8 purpose profiles fits you best:

  • The Catalyst
  • The Changemaker
  • The Connector
  • The Creator
  • The Educator
  • The Facilitator
  • The Inspiration
  • The Leader

Don’t forget to visit Quinn’s website and follow her on Instagram for more entrepreneurial motivation.

Can you believe we learned all of this (and more!) in one hour? 

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