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The Most Viewed, Most Engaging, and Fan Favorite Jumprope Videos

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As we prepare to discontinue Jumprope and join LinkedIn we’d like to celebrate our creators, share their amazing content, and recap what has been most viewed on Jumprope. 

Jumprope empowers anyone to share their knowledge and passion through engaging videos. Tens of thousands of creators (many who were previously intimidated by video!) have created high-quality videos from their kitchens, bathrooms, gyms and garages.

Top Viewed Jumpropes

The best performing content on Jumprope was (a) helpful, (b) detailed, and (c) interesting. Viewers appreciated Jumpropes containing complete instructions and a full list of what they needed to cook the recipe, make the craft project, or follow the beauty tutorial. Food was an early front-runner as our most viewed category, but we’ve also seen high engagement in travel, DIY, fitness, and beauty/fashion. 

Food: How to Make Cream Cheese Holiday Mints by @feastandfarm with 306k views

Fitness: 1 Kettlebell • 5 Rounds • Total Body Workout by @justeph with 68k views

Travel: 10 Amazing Things to do in San Diego, CA by @thenextsomewhere with 45k views

DIY / Home & Garden: How to Clean Your Hummingbird Feeder by @DIYDanielle with 42k views 

Beauty / Fashion: Morphe x Lisa Frank Tutorial by @tabbyfa with 25k views

Creators That Published the Most Jumpropes

Many Jumprope creators had little to no video experience before creating on our iOS and Android apps. From new content creators to long-time professional bloggers, we consistently saw that creating video for the first time was intimidating. Allowing creators to start using Jumprope with photos, then slowly incorporate video, was key to empowering them to feel comfortable with our editing tools and ultimately publish hundreds of videos.

Food: Taylor of @foodfaithfit published 346 Jumpropes. Check out her blog

DIY / Home & Garden: Stacey of @gluedtomycrafts published 179 Jumpropes. Check out her blog.

Beauty / Fashion: Austen of @austentosone published 144 Jumpropes. Check out her blog.

Fitness: Brittany of @b_noellefitness published 135 Jumpropes. Visit her website.

Travel: Queenie of @ThePoorLondoner published 114 Jumpropes. Follow her on Instagram.

Our Favorite Popular Trends 

Growing this platform throughout a pandemic, where many people were stuck at home, meant we saw a variety of interesting and helpful trends.

DIY Masks became a necessity for many people in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Our creators helped to educate others with tutorials on sewing masks, no-sew options, handmade mask storage pouches and more.

National Parks were another growing trend throughout 2020 and 2021. As people sought outdoor adventures within driving distance, our creators were there to provide safe and inspiring travel suggestions.

Acroyoga combines acrobatics and yoga into one fitness practice. This type of fitness content succeeds because it’s interesting to watch, even if you aren’t attempting these moves yourself.

Dalgona Coffee, a creamy, whipped coffee drink made by combining hot water, sugar and instant coffee, was all the rage when people were sheltering in place and missing their favorite coffee shops.

Hot Cocoa Bombs were the hottest gift last holiday season. They are made with a sphere shaped mold of chocolate filled with instant hot cocoa, marshmallows and any other goodies your heart desires.

Crochet is a classic example of the always evolving ‘vintage made modern’ DIY trend. Our creators shared crochet decor, accessories, granny squares and more ahead of the crochet explosion we’ve seen in fashion throughout the summer of 2021.

Favorite Jumpropes Published by the Team

All of us at Jumprope love the tool we built; not just building it, but creating our own content with it as well. In fact, when we were working in-person in the office we spent time every Friday morning creating Jumpropes! Here are some favorites some of our team members published.

Jake, Jumprope’s CEO & co-founder: Homemade Matoz

Travis, Jumprope’s CTO & co-founder: Make Slime

Jessie, Jumprope’s DIY Content Director: Embroidered Felt Bracelet Tutorial

Lauryn, Jumprope’s Food Content Director: Vegan & Nut-Free Reese’s Pumpkins

Lauren, Jumprope’s Community & Social Media Manager: How To Make Basic Cake Pops!

Staff Picks: Favorite Jumpropes Chosen by the Team

We will always be amazed by the interesting things we learned from our creators on Jumprope. Below are just some of our favorites like DIY jewelry, homemade bread, and cute desserts, but the list could go on and on including magic tricks, city guides, skincare routines and more.

Make A Toy Car Bracelet by @timmery 

Sourdough Bread: My Favorite “The Wrap” by @afoodloverslife

DIY Candy Wrapper Zipper Pouch by @createtodonate

Grilled S’mores Taco by @thecarolejones

How To Make A Starbucks Cake by @natcakesmyday

Thank you to our amazing creators and community for making Jumprope such an interesting and engaging platform.