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Jumprope Sunsetting FAQs

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Jumprope is sunsetting on August 20, 2021. Below are responses to frequently asked questions from our creator community.

Why are you shutting down Jumprope?

We’re proud that Jumprope reaches 2 million viewers each month, but we don’t believe we can really grow a global stand-alone platform. We know many people love creating on Jumprope. However we learned from creators that without more direct monetization opportunities on Jumprope, it’s hard for creators to justify investing their time into the platform.

Ultimately there is more opportunity at LinkedIn to empower creators to create amazing content and build an audience. 

Can I still create on Jumprope in August?

Yes, until August 20th, the Jumprope platform will be live. You can create new Jumpropes and edit existing Jumpropes until August 20th.

Will Jumprope’s creation tools be available at LinkedIn?

No, we aren’t planning to maintain either the Jumprope creation tool or broader platform at LinkedIn. Instead, we’ll be working on enhancing existing and building new creation tools that make it easy for creators to share engaging content and build their audience. We’ll have more specifics to share over the coming months about what new creation capabilities will be coming to LinkedIn and over what timeline. Follow CreatorWeekly on LinkedIn to stay up to date.

What will you be building at LinkedIn?

There are millions of creators on LinkedIn that share their stories, build their audience, and create conversations around their content in a trusted global community of more than 750M+ professionals. We’ll be working on improving the tools creators have to publish great content, spark conversations and engage their audience. We’ll have more specifics to share in the Fall.

Is the full Jumprope team going to LinkedIn?

Some Jumprope team members are not going to LinkedIn either because of location or because their skills/interests don’t align with LinkedIn’s needs.

Can I keep Jumprope’s player embed or blog embed on my blog? 

After August 20, 2021 the player embed and blog embed will no longer work. If you used Shortcode, edit your blog post to delete the shortcode. If you utilized the WordPress Plugin, deactivate and delete the plugin to remove it from all your posts.

If you use a recipe card on your blog such as WPRM or WP Tasty, you can add photos or videos to each step of your tutorial. Otherwise, we recommend you leverage Google Web Stories for an interactive player. You can find Web Stories tools here to use.

Will my Jumpropes still show up in Google Web Stories after August 20? 

No, they will not show up in Google Web Stories after August 20, 2021. You can find other Web Stories tools here. You can download your original photos / videos from each Jumprope to recreate Web Stories.

What are the dimensions for each video download?

IGTV, TikTok, Stories, and Idea Pins: 1080 x 1920px

YouTube and Twitter 1920 x 1080px

Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest feed videos (4:5): 1080 x 1350px

What video creation apps do you recommend? 

Unfortunately we do not know of another cards-based video creation tool that does everything that Jumprope does. We’ve compiled this list of free tools used by our creators, but please note most do not automatically reformat your content for all platforms.

Lumen5 (Desktop) – Video creation platform that allows you to easily reformat videos into different sizes. 

InShot (iOS & Android) – Easy to use mobile editing app for videos and photos. 

Canva (iOS, Android, Desktop) – Drag and drop editing for photos and videos, including existing free and paid template options.

Davinci Resolve (Desktop) – Solution for video editing, visual effects, motion graphics, color correction and audio post production. 

Adobe Rush (iOS, Android, Desktop) – Powerful video editing app from Adobe. Free on mobile, limited free access on desktop.

Newsroom AI (Desktop) – Web Stories creation platform that offers a detailed editing tool and templates. 

Have you considered launching a paid version of Jumprope? 

There are currently no plans to build a paid version of Jumprope’s creation tools.